It's a new day! Clepsydra - Ting-ting, Ting-ting, Ting-ting, Ting-ting; eight bells on the First Watch 12:00am
Vogonjeltz - Cheerio WP and thanks for the help earlier!!
Captain Pugwash - Yet again the brits outlast them darn Yankees!
Warrior Poet - GO TO BED, you crazy Limeys!
Warrior Poet - I would dare disappoint a Valkyrie
Warrior Poet - make that wouldn't
Vogonjeltz - Yes I am planning to hit tha hay shortly!!
Clepsydra - Cheerio, Warrior Poet, come back soon.
Warrior Poet - logged off. --- (Sat Oct 31 12:01am)
Clepsydra - Bye, WP
Captain Pugwash - As I said Rob, I'm in training for watcfhingthe race tomorrow!"
Captain Pugwash - Although I tend to hit rather too many keys at a stroke now...
Captain Pugwash - VJ, which part of the UK you in?
Vogonjeltz -
Vogonjeltz -
Captain Pugwash - N Oxfordshire
Vogonjeltz - Aha is it raining?
Captain Pugwash - Not yet!
Vogonjeltz - N. Oxon ...isnt that near where Sonis resides
Vogonjeltz - N. Oxon ...isnt that near where Sonis resides
Captain Pugwash - Hey, I just realised, qualifying results should be on the web now!
Blu - logged on. --- (Sat Oct 31 12:04am)
Clepsydra - Hello, Blu, welcome to the Coffee Lounge.
Clepsydra - It's Mr Snappy, hiya Snappy
Captain Pugwash - Sonia's more SW Oxfordshire
Captain Pugwash - wb BLU
Blu - can not wait to get to England next week or should I say two weeks
Captain Pugwash - VJ, have you met BLU before?
Vogonjeltz - For the grand prix or the Ms O (by the way that was a typo I meany Sonia)
Blu - hi VJ
Vogonjeltz - Hi Blu
Vogonjeltz - Hi Blu
Blu - November 12th -16th Good old England here we come!
Vogonjeltz - I havent met Blu before
Captain Pugwash - You a Sonia Fan then VJ?
Vogonjeltz - Sure am!!
Captain Pugwash - BLU is married the biggest chat room celebrity!
Blu - England will never bethe same,lol
Blu - We are not married Capt! me and Nicole are.....:)
Vogonjeltz - did u mean the qualifying results for the grand prix CP
Captain Pugwash - That's right VJ, you got them there?
Captain Pugwash - LOL BLU, but I'm not a celebrity yet
Vogonjeltz - just checking
Captain Pugwash - And I may be taller than Nicole, but I'm not convinced of bigger
Blu - well doing my tropical fih tank and have to watch the water level or Nicole will kick my ass, later guys!
Captain Pugwash - 'later Blu
Vogonjeltz - 1.schu 2. hakk 3. Coult 4. eddy 5. H-H F 6. Jacques
Blu - How tll Capt, don't be "shy" tell me
Vogonjeltz - bye Blu
Blu - Tall
Captain Pugwash - 6'5" BLU!
Captain Pugwash - Darn those Williams!
Blu - Bye all
Vogonjeltz - Who's your money on CP?
Captain Pugwash - Still, nice to see Frentzen topping Jacques again
Clepsydra - Cheerio, Blu, come back soon.
Blu - logged off. --- (Sat Oct 31 12:12am)
Clepsydra - Click click
Captain Pugwash - I'm predicting Michael for the race, but Hakkinen for the title
Captain Pugwash - Unless the Mercedes blows up again, and I can't see that happening
Vogonjeltz - Let's hope Hakk get's the title he deserves it
Captain Pugwash - Actually I think Michael's done more to earn it this year
Captain Pugwash - The McLaren is a storming car, the work Ferrari and Michael put in to get up to speed is phenomenal
Vogonjeltz - He is more talented than Hakk no doubt about that
Captain Pugwash - Any news on the Benetton Boys?
Vogonjeltz - No teletext only gives me the first 6
Vogonjeltz - any way I really must get some sleep now
Captain Pugwash - So we don't know how the struggle with Jordan goes
Captain Pugwash - OK g'night, I'm gonna go chase this up on the web
Vogonjeltz - Ralph's out of Jordan at the end of the season, and Damon stays that'ts all I know
Vogonjeltz - Catch you later CP, nice chatting with you
Captain Pugwash - Frentzen is joining Damon, watch that team go!
Clepsydra - Cheerio, Vogonjeltz, come back soon.
Vogonjeltz - logged off. --- (Sat Oct 31 12:17am)
Captain Pugwash - 'night VJ
GO TO BED! - logged on. --- (Sat Oct 31 12:18am)
Clepsydra - Hello, GO TO BED!, welcome to the Coffee Lounge.
GO TO BED! - .
Captain Pugwash - Morning GTB
Captain Pugwash - I though you went to sleep hours ago anyway?
Warrior Poet - Nickname change, GET SOME SLEEP BEFORE YA GET ANY WIERDER is now known as Warrior Poet
Warrior Poet - Nah...I needed a shower...staying up for Conan O'Brien
Warrior Poet - I had actually plotted to get a bit more MUD time
Clepsydra - Time for a change 12:21am
Captain Pugwash - Sorry, just browsing for how we did in qualifying..
Warrior Poet - Alisdair, your extreme eccentricity, which defines you as English, is your source of charm.
Captain Pugwash - Hmmm, no-one seems particularly quick with the news tonight, oh well
Captain Pugwash - Eccentric? Moi?
Warrior Poet - Go to bed
Warrior Poet - Captain Pugwash - Eccentric? Moi? (sounds like Diana)
Captain Pugwash - Heh! I'll take that as a compliment
Warrior Poet - Diana can be the most charming creature on the planet...then she can be th most frustrating....
Warrior Poet - But I really like her...otherwise she wouldn't bug me
Captain Pugwash - Everyone loves Diana
Warrior Poet - Yup. I do.
Warrior Poet - Though she is none too fond of me.
Captain Pugwash - Aargh! Disaster, we qualify 9 and 10
Warrior Poet - It's a disaster to qualify?
Captain Pugwash - Diana has a world full of eager suitors, I doubt any of us will prove up to the challenge
Captain Pugwash - OK, a real disaster is not qualifying...
Clepsydra - Ting; one bell on the Graveyard Watch 12:30am
Captain Pugwash - No, we get an hour of track time the day before the race to set the fastest lap we can to determine the starting grid positions
Clepsydra - Time for tea 12:30am
Captain Pugwash - We really wanted 5/6 or better
Warrior Poet - I am not seeking love with Diana. I just want to be friends.
Warrior Poet - I see.
Captain Pugwash - Last race of the season, and 3rd place in the championship is still wide open
Warrior Poet - And I am up to any challenge
Captain Pugwash - Well I am not too embarrassed to admit some challenges are beyond me
Warrior Poet - I am too good to admit defeat before I try...
Captain Pugwash - Although I'll challenge 'most anything if the challenge itself will be fun
Captain Pugwash - I will never make a great racing driver for instance, I know this now. I still love to play though
Warrior Poet - I know I get gloomy alot, but I am pretty good at nearly everything I try.
Warrior Poet - Understood.
Captain Pugwash - Just because something is hopeless doesn't mean I shouldn't try my hardest either
Warrior Poet - Nothing is hopeless
Captain Pugwash - To attempt anything half heartedly is a true failure
Warrior Poet - I just noticed the irony on my last statement
Warrior Poet - I do some things half-assed because I can get away with it
Captain Pugwash - I know I'll never climb mount Everest, I'll never go into space, I'll never have a girlfriend
Captain Pugwash - Never stops me hoping though
Captain Pugwash - One time I would have told you I could never get a cool job in Formula 1 either
Warrior Poet - SG...I didn't want to sound gay, but I was thinking you are a handsome man in the photos I stop ripping on yourself or I'll kill you in the MUD
Captain Pugwash - I accept my limitations Rob, it's my way of coping. Doesn't stop me striving to exceed them though
Warrior Poet - Tsk, tsk, tsk
Warrior Poet - My limitations are exclusively physical. I will never be able to survive without oxygen, etc. But I can do anything else.
Captain Pugwash - It means I will attack anything with grat gusto and surprise myself with the results, usually end up feeling good about most things
Captain Pugwash - Also means I get bored with something too easily also, once I pass those expectations
Warrior Poet - That's fair, but never give up on the chicks...maybe Sonia will be available one day
Captain Pugwash - I'm having a hard time staying focussed in the gym right now for instance
Warrior Poet - Because you have done better than you anticipated?
Captain Pugwash - not giving up on the chicks has given me more grief than most here can know
Warrior Poet - We should talk about it, sometime. I feel for ya
Clepsydra - Time for a change 12:43am
Captain Pugwash - Yes and no Rob, I have, on occasion, beaten most targets I set for myself
Captain Pugwash - I know I am capable of more, but it's not the big joke of 'me of all people in the gym' anymore, it's just hard work
Clepsydra - Q: How many civil servants does it take to change the light bulb? A: 45. One to change the bulb, and 44 to do the paperwork.
Captain Pugwash - I need a new motivation to keep it going is all
Warrior Poet - I do it because it gives me a measurement of somehow bettering myself
Warrior Poet - Why don't you try to match Andrulla? That should keep you going.
Captain Pugwash - Well I am also obstinate, and hate dropping the weight if I have pushed too hard
Captain Pugwash - Because it's too long term a goal Rob, no way I'll be up to that without years of training
Warrior Poet - Actually, maybe one year....
Captain Pugwash - I just want to be able to face 8 minutes on the treadmill like when I started
Captain Pugwash - The 'edge' that kept me going has gone. When I get exhauster after 4/5 minutes I am happy to stop, and hate myself for it
Warrior Poet - Don't like cardio?
Warrior Poet - I used to do an hour on the staormaster. It feels sooooooooo good.
Clepsydra - Time and tide waits for no-one 12:48am
Captain Pugwash - Hate the stuff Rob, but one of the results I most want is a much higher stamina, so I need it
Warrior Poet - Try creatine while you train...that's nearly double your stamina
Warrior Poet - I am using creatine now. I just added 50lb to my squat in just one week
Captain Pugwash - I'm staying off all suplements Rob, I want to do this with a normal diet
Captain Pugwash - It's one of those strange rules I set myself
Captain Pugwash - Hey, well done!
Captain Pugwash - I had to back off on my squats because my form is bad, too much strain on the back
Warrior Poet - That is strange. It's like driving a Geo in Formula One...sure you'll finish, but if you drive a better car, you'll do better
Warrior Poet - Did you wear a belt?
Captain Pugwash - Again, no aids or anything, I want to be able to use any gains I make in the world at large, where I'll have no aids. That means learning good technique is part of the exercise
Warrior Poet - Okay. That is REALLY wierd
Captain Pugwash - I took my squats up to 105kg for 3 sets of 10, mainly because I wanted to lift my bodyweight
Warrior Poet - I have big legs...I never trained them before
Captain Pugwash - I have strong thighs left over from when I did Tai Chi, I think I could squat 125Kg for 3 x 10, but my back wouldn' t like it
Warrior Poet - Metric system!
Captain Pugwash - erm, 100kg is roughly 225 lbs
Warrior Poet - Wow! My max is 275lbs
Captain Pugwash - As I say, after Tai Chi the leg stuff is easy, my upper body is way down though
Clepsydra - Ting-ting; two bells on the Graveyard Watch 01:00am
Captain Pugwash - Again, leg extensions I max the machine, although it only goes up to 70kg
Captain Pugwash - Yet I strugle with 5kg on side lateral raises
Warrior Poet - I never liked leg extensions...too easy to cheat
Warrior Poet - Well, my maximum genetic potential should be around 210-220lbs...that's where I wanna get, so I am pretty driven
Captain Pugwash - I guess I could be cheating, although I hope not
Captain Pugwash - The exercise I really want to push though is bench press, where I am might poor at the moment
Warrior Poet - Well, just don't swing it...2 seconds up 2 seconds down
Warrior Poet - Me too. what's you max on the bench?
Captain Pugwash - I'm probably more 1 second up, 3 seconds down
Warrior Poet - Yup. You're swinging it
Captain Pugwash - I don't do maxes, but I rarely get my full final set of 10 from 60kg :(
Warrior Poet - I never go to ten...I try to stay below 8. my max is 170lbs...still getting my old strength back
Captain Pugwash - Metric system, we do sets of 10 reps :)
Warrior Poet - Too many reps for strength
Warrior Poet - Is the sun up there?
Captain Pugwash - Actually I would rather do more reps, build up a little stamina to go with it
Captain Pugwash - Not yet!
Warrior Poet - Your gains will come slower, then.
Captain Pugwash - But I'm still building up to the weights I want to do reps with
Warrior Poet - I prefer strength training. It's difficult for me to accept being weaker than others.
Captain Pugwash - I prefer low rep training, because it's easier!
Warrior Poet - OK. I am REALLY going to bed. You had best do the same. Cya here tomorrow night?
Captain Pugwash - Sure you get a couple of hard reps, but not 10 hard reps!
Warrior Poet - Hard reps are the ones you are near failure
Captain Pugwash - Won't be around till late Sunday Rob, got to go visit a friend with a TV set
Warrior Poet - Give Andrulla a hug for me. Take care, Alisdair. Cya Sunday..if I get my computer running agian
Captain Pugwash - 'night Rob, sleep well
Clepsydra - Cheerio, Warrior Poet, come back soon.
Warrior Poet - logged off. --- (Sat Oct 31 01:11am)
Clepsydra - Bye, WP
Clepsydra - Cheerio, Captain Pugwash, come back soon.
Captain Pugwash - logged off. --- (Sat Oct 31 01:11am)
Clepsydra - The Captain reels out again
Clepsydra - Ting-ting, Ting; three bells on the Graveyard Watch 01:30am
Clepsydra - Ting-ting, Ting-ting; four bells on the Graveyard Watch 02:00am
Clepsydra - Ting-ting, Ting-ting, Ting; five bells on the Graveyard Watch 02:30am
Clepsydra - Ting-ting, Ting-ting, Ting-ting; six bells on the Graveyard Watch 03:00am
TomNine - logged on. --- (Sat Oct 31 03:18am)
Clepsydra - Hello, TomNine, welcome to the Coffee Lounge.
Clepsydra - Clepsy jumps at T9, and puts him in an unbreakable body scissors
TomNine - I'll be peeking in from Time to Time, so if you want to chat just hang out a bit.
Clepsydra - Cheerio, TomNine, come back soon.
TomNine - logged off. --- (Sat Oct 31 03:20am)
Clepsydra - Off to do a few repairs to the Tenement
Clepsydra - Ting-ting, Ting-ting, Ting-ting, Ting; seven bells on the Graveyard Watch 03:30am
Clepsydra - Ting-ting, Ting-ting, Ting-ting, Ting-ting; eight bells on the Graveyard Watch 04:00am
Sam - logged on. --- (Sat Oct 31 04:16am)
Clepsydra - Hello, Sam, welcome to the Coffee Lounge.
Sam - hi
Sam - hows things?
Clepsydra - Cheerio, Sam, come back soon.
Sam - logged off. --- (Sat Oct 31 04:17am)
-insomniac - logged on. --- (Sat Oct 31 04:26am)
Clepsydra - Hello, -insomniac, welcome to the Coffee Lounge.
-insomniac - Everyone else fast asleep???
Clepsydra - Ting; one bell on the Morning Watch 04:30am
TomNine - logged on. --- (Sat Oct 31 04:30am)
Clepsydra - Hello, TomNine, welcome to the Coffee Lounge.
Clepsydra - Clepsy jumps at T9, and puts him in an unbreakable body scissors
TomNine - Still there?
-insomniac - Woke you up, big guy?
TomNine - Still up but about ready for bed at last. What's up?
-jabber - Nickname change, -insomniac is now known as -jabber
TomNine - Sorry I missed Sam. I'm finally catching up with my session reviews.
-jabber - Just downloadin' some pics before they are gone forever...
* -jabber yawns mightily...
TomNine - Usually not very busy here now, but the Euro guys may be wandering in soon.
-jabber - I prefer the Euro girls myself (Andrulla, Julia Kover, Zuzana Korinkova, Eva Sukapova, etc...)
TomNine - Did you get any response to the schmoo e-mail? I see a few posts on AAWA.
TomNine - Andrulla is in California now, alas the other ladies have never joined us here.
-jabber - Yes, T9, all good. Even Jazzmon seemed to like it... :-) I heard through the (archive) grapevine that WP, Diana, and you were talking about me (my ears were itching)...
TomNine - You've certainly jumped right in here and made yourself at home. You should have visited earlier, imagine all that lost chat!
-jabber - I'm EXTREMELY intense about female muscle myself, T9. As I've told Tex, I let him ask the girls "So do you work out", etc. They think I'm the nicer of the two. I respond calmly, "No, I'm actually worse, just more subtle..." Like with HBP flirting like mad with Beth...
TomNine - Us schmoes need to be a little more subtle, and more balanced interests can't hurt.
-jabber - Hey, I'm VERY balanced. I like both the left and right bicep - ha! As I told Hooligan, "only two types of women I like, left-handed women and right-handed women." :-)
TomNine - Paul is a real character, and it was great to see him in action. He always has some sort of muscle story to share with us, and no wonder! He is shameless.
-jabber - His email address wasn't working when I sent out the schmoo email. Dang webtv, Bill Gates, etc...
TomNine - Bill Gates is the source of all evil.
TomNine - I'm heading to bed. See you later -jabber.
-jabber - goodnight...
Clepsydra - Cheerio, -jabber, come back soon.
-jabber - logged off. --- (Sat Oct 31 04:57am)
Clepsydra - And the mome raths outgrabe.
Clepsydra - Cheerio, TomNine, come back soon.
TomNine - logged off. --- (Sat Oct 31 04:57am)
Clepsydra - Off to do a few repairs to the Tenement
Clepsydra - Cheerio, TomNine, come back soon.
TomNine - logged off. --- (Sat Oct 31 04:57am)
Clepsydra - Off to do a few repairs to the Tenement
Clepsydra - Ting-ting; two bells on the Morning Watch 05:00am
Clepsydra - Ting-ting, Ting; three bells on the Morning Watch 05:30am
sammy - logged on. --- (Sat Oct 31 05:57am)
Clepsydra - Hello, sammy, welcome to the Coffee Lounge.
sammy - hi all
Clepsydra - Ting-ting, Ting-ting; four bells on the Morning Watch 06:00am
george - logged on. --- (Sat Oct 31 06:01am)
Clepsydra - Hello, george, welcome to the Coffee Lounge.
george - hi sammy
Clepsydra - Cheerio, george, come back soon.
george - logged off. --- (Sat Oct 31 06:02am)
Clepsydra - Ting-ting, Ting-ting, Ting; five bells on the Morning Watch 06:30am
Clepsydra - Ting-ting, Ting-ting, Ting-ting; six bells on the Morning Watch 07:00am
Clepsydra - Ting-ting, Ting-ting, Ting-ting, Ting; seven bells on the Morning Watch 07:30am
Tex - logged on. --- (Sat Oct 31 07:33am)
Clepsydra - Hello, Tex, welcome to the Coffee Lounge.
Clepsydra - Make room, make room, it's the Big Man from Texas.
Clepsydra - Ting-ting, Ting-ting, Ting-ting, Ting-ting; eight bells on the Morning Watch 08:00am
Clepsydra - Ting; one bell on the Forenoon Watch 08:30am
Captain Pugwash - logged on. --- (Sat Oct 31 08:38am)
Clepsydra - Hello, Captain Pugwash, welcome to the Coffee Lounge.
Clepsydra - Amidst a skirl of bagpipes, the Captain reels in
Captain Pugwash - Hello my hearties
Captain Pugwash - OK, I'm off MUDing, catch ya in there
Clepsydra - Cheerio, Captain Pugwash, come back soon.
Captain Pugwash - logged off. --- (Sat Oct 31 08:53am)
Clepsydra - The Captain reels out again
Clepsydra - Ting-ting; two bells on the Forenoon Watch 09:00am
Clepsydra - Ting-ting, Ting; three bells on the Forenoon Watch 09:30am
Clepsydra - Ting-ting, Ting-ting; four bells on the Forenoon Watch 10:00am
Tex - logged on. --- (Sat Oct 31 10:04am)
Clepsydra - Hello, Tex, welcome to the Coffee Lounge.
Clepsydra - Make room, make room, it's the Big Man from Texas.
Tex - Still around, captain?
* Tex wonders if either Captain Corc or Captain Pugwash need a promotion so we won't have duelin' cap'ins....
Scooby - logged on. --- (Sat Oct 31 10:08am)
Clepsydra - Hello, Scooby, welcome to the Coffee Lounge.
Clepsydra - Clepsy puts out a bowl of milk for the nice doggie
Scooby - TexMex?
Tex - Yo, scooberino!
Tex - Tell me scoob's favorite (erotic) movie scene...
Scooby - "Silencer"
Scooby - Lynette Walden and Morton Downey Jr.
Scooby - Strawberry choke.
Scooby - Now where'dja go?
Tex - distracted....
alan - logged on. --- (Sat Oct 31 10:20am)
Clepsydra - Hello, alan, welcome to the Coffee Lounge.
Tex - Mr. Nuisance?
alan - hi from france
Tex - Oops...Hi, alan
alan - hi tex
Scooby - logged on. --- (Sat Oct 31 10:21am)
Clepsydra - Hello, Scooby, welcome to the Coffee Lounge.
Clepsydra - Clepsy puts out a bowl of milk for the nice doggie
Clepsydra - Cheerio, alan, come back soon.
alan - logged off. --- (Sat Oct 31 10:22am)
Tex - Scooby-Doo...where are you?
Scooby - I here.
Clepsydra - Cheerio, Tex, come back soon.
Tex - logged off. --- (Sat Oct 31 10:28am)
Clepsydra - Off to check out a few more biceps?
Scooby - Cya!
Clepsydra - Ting-ting, Ting-ting, Ting; five bells on the Forenoon Watch 10:30am
Captain Pugwash - logged on. --- (Sat Oct 31 10:54am)
Clepsydra - Hello, Captain Pugwash, welcome to the Coffee Lounge.
Clepsydra - Amidst a skirl of bagpipes, the Captain reels in
Captain Pugwash - Hey ho Scoob
Warrior Poet - logged on. --- (Sat Oct 31 10:58am)
Clepsydra - Hello, Warrior Poet, welcome to the Coffee Lounge.
Clepsydra - Hi, WP, come on in.
Warrior Poet - Go to bed, Alisdair!
Captain Pugwash - Morning Rob
Captain Pugwash - Oh, alright, if you don't want the company :)
Warrior Poet - Hey. I went to the show and changed my mind about pics...the girls were too small
Clepsydra - Ting-ting, Ting-ting, Ting-ting; six bells on the Forenoon Watch 11:00am
Captain Pugwash - Did you shoot anyway? Not everyone like them as big as Andrulla! Let Diana make the call
Warrior Poet - I hope Diana doesn't mind, but she "released" me from obligation last night
Warrior Poet - No, I didn't shoot. The camera I was gonna use hadn't arrived yet
Captain Pugwash - Did you have fun there anyway?
Captain Pugwash - Futhered your own BB ambitions perhaps?
TomNine - logged on. --- (Sat Oct 31 11:01am)
Clepsydra - Hello, TomNine, welcome to the Coffee Lounge.
Clepsydra - Clepsy jumps at T9, and puts him in an unbreakable body scissors
Warrior Poet - No. It was just registration...I saw the competitors...but the contest hadn't started
Warrior Poet - Tommyboy!
Captain Pugwash - Morning Tom
TomNine - You guys again? Good morning!
Warrior Poet - SG, even if I could, I would NEVER compete. A real man doesn't wear a speedo
Captain Pugwash - So when do you hook up with Sonia Tom?
Captain Scoobwash - logged on. --- (Sat Oct 31 11:02am)
Clepsydra - Hello, Captain Scoobwash, welcome to the Coffee Lounge.
Clepsydra - Amidst a skirl of bagpipes, the Captain reels in
Captain Pugwash - Avast Cap'n Scoob
Warrior Poet - Hey, Doggy
TomNine - CP, Sonia will let me know what evening her schedule is clear once she gets here. She gets in tomorrow.
TomNine - Scoober.
Captain Scoobwash - How was Sheila?
TomNine - Sheila is a great lady and lots of fun to meet. She's just starting wrestling and she really couldn't put me in my place as I like, but I was very happy to get to know her over the weekend and finally have a session with her.
TomNine - Sheila should be in Toronto for a few more days, I look forward to chatting with her again here.
Scooby - logged on. --- (Sat Oct 31 11:08am)
Clepsydra - Hello, Scooby, welcome to the Coffee Lounge.
Clepsydra - Clepsy puts out a bowl of milk for the nice doggie
* Captain Pugwash wonders if Tom will rave about Shiela to Sonia, that would give his session an edge!
Scooby - I could put you in your place.
TomNine - I'm done with a review of our session ad will probably e-mail it out later today after I give it another look.
TomNine - When Sonia was last chatting with me here she asked some questions about the session with Sheila. I was assured that my desire to be put in my place would come to pass soon enough.
Captain Pugwash - You better belive it!
TomNine - I might as well finish up my review of meting Jazzmon today too. It's just about done, no idea why I quit.
cuteguy - logged on. --- (Sat Oct 31 11:12am)
Clepsydra - Hello, cuteguy, welcome to the Coffee Lounge.
Captain Pugwash - 'later Tom
Hecate rune caster - logged on. --- (Sat Oct 31 11:12am)
Clepsydra - Hello, Hecate rune caster, welcome to the Coffee Lounge.
cuteguy - Hi T9
Warrior Poet - hello, all
Captain Pugwash - Good afternoon Hecate and cg
cuteguy - HI T9 what do think about Amelia Hernandez
Hecate rune caster - Hubble bubble toil and trouble fire burn and cauldron bubble eye of toad and leg of frog cut up Scobby and make a sprog
TomNine - Hello Hecate & cutey. SG, I'm not leaving right now.
Hecate rune caster - When shall we three meet again? in fire water and in rain?
Hecate rune caster - hallo tom nine your fate is sealed
TomNine - cg, Amelia is astoundingly beautiful to me, and she looks great in person.
cuteguy - Isnt she I mean tooooo much of a muscle
Hecate rune caster - Scobby shall live beneath my heel
Warrior Poet - Tom knows all the hot wrestlers.
cuteguy - I mean every part of her at least from the pcs is just muscles
Warrior Poet - I think Amelia has a fantastic bod, personally
TomNine - Amelia lives not very far from me, and she does sessions. Too bad just posing and Light wrestling. And she is a fellow WebTVer! Her husband seemed like a nice guy to, a big bodybuilder himself of course.
TomNine - cg, I don't believe in "too much muscle" as long as it is nicely packaged.
Hecate rune caster - Scooby Scooby Doo where are you?
TomNine - Amelia is one of the most densely muscled ladies out there, and like Andrulla and Christine Envall I still find her very feminine and attractive.
cuteguy - I mean would u recommend her for a session
TomNine - The amount of muscle may be holding Amelia and Andrulla back with the judges, but not wth us hardcore fans.
Captain Pugwash - Sorry guysMUd running again
Captain Pugwash - New hobbies are so addictive...#
Clepsydra - Cheerio, Captain Pugwash, come back soon.
Captain Pugwash - logged off. --- (Sat Oct 31 11:21am)
Clepsydra - The Captain reels out again
Warrior Poet - Me too. I would sell my soul to wrestle Christine Envall
cuteguy - do any one of you have alink to where I can see a pic of Christine envall
Hecate rune caster - Done Wp Done and Done again
TomNine - cg, if you just want to worship big dense muscles, Amelia would be great. For semi-competitive wrestling, no, since she doesn't do it. She will put you in some holds though.
cuteguy - do any one of you have alink to where I can see a pic of Christine envall
cuteguy - Thanks T9 You really gave me the answer I needed
Hecate rune caster - I'll write the deed in tones of blood its gore will stain the pages
Hecate rune caster - Cackle cackle
TomNine - I don't have a Christine E link on me, but she does have a nice page on the Iron Belles site.
TomNine - Hecate, are you an FBB? Or just the usual maiden-mother-crone deal?
TomNine - Is SG in the MUD all by himself?
Warrior Poet - No. I am MUDding, too
Hecate rune caster - Tom Nine your questions is both direct and somewhat funny i come from hell to sup men's blood
Hecate rune caster - and i need a little doggie
TomNine - To sup? But it's only lunch Time!
Hecate rune caster - To dine perhaps to gorge aye that's a question
Hecate rune caster - for in gorging am i strong and whole
Clepsydra - Ting-ting, Ting-ting, Ting-ting, Ting; seven bells on the Forenoon Watch 11:30am
TomNine - I think I'll take off now, should be back later. Have fun!
Hecate rune caster - I seek to chain a Scooby doo pray tell where it is hiding
Warrior Poet - Cya
Clepsydra - Cheerio, TomNine, come back soon.
TomNine - logged off. --- (Sat Oct 31 11:31am)
Clepsydra - Off to do a few repairs to the Tenement
Clepsydra - Cheerio, Warrior Poet, come back soon.
Warrior Poet - logged off. --- (Sat Oct 31 11:31am)
Clepsydra - Bye, WP
cuteguy - bye t9
cuteguy - hi big girl hecate looks like its me and you now
Hecate rune caster - To hades will i send you soul to feast upo your body
sen - logged on. --- (Sat Oct 31 11:33am)
Clepsydra - Hello, sen, welcome to the Coffee Lounge.
sen - Colour changed
sen - hello there !
cuteguy - hi sen
Hecate rune caster - Wus Hail!!!
sen - hi cg
Clepsydra - Cheerio, Hecate rune caster, come back soon.
Hecate rune caster - logged off. --- (Sat Oct 31 11:35am)
cuteguy - Sen I have wondered what is your real name
cuteguy - I mean if you dont mind
sen - I wonder ,too , what'S yours :-)
cuteguy - Hi that was a good one
cuteguy - So I guess you must be knowing a lot of these FBB's etc
cuteguy - Hi that was a good one
sen - why do you ting so ?
-jabber - logged on. --- (Sat Oct 31 11:57am)
Clepsydra - Hello, -jabber, welcome to the Coffee Lounge.
Clepsydra - Twas brillig and the slithy toves - hi, Wocky
-jabber - Hi sen and cuteguy. Cuteguy, have any cutesisters??? :-)
It's a new day! Clepsydra - Ting-ting, Ting-ting, Ting-ting, Ting-ting; eight bells on the Forenoon Watch 12:00pm
* -jabber is snoring from the breakneck speed of this conversation...
TomNine - logged on. --- (Sat Oct 31 12:09pm)
Clepsydra - Hello, TomNine, welcome to the Coffee Lounge.
Clepsydra - Clepsy jumps at T9, and puts him in an unbreakable body scissors
TomNine - Hey, jab.
-jabber - Yea! A lively participant? sen and cuteguy haven't said shit, either they're mad at me or asleep at the wheel (or booted off)...
wb270 - logged on. --- (Sat Oct 31 12:12pm)
Clepsydra - Hello, wb270, welcome to the Coffee Lounge.
Clepsydra - Hey, it's the man with the List
wb270 - hello folks
-jabber - Hello wb270...
TomNine - Hey, wb.
wb270 - Added a girl in Dallas today, Jab, but she proably isn't your type
TomNine - Looks like sen and cg wandered off without a trace.
TomNine - wb, my Sheila review should be out to you today.
-jabber - Oh, tell the truth, T9, I scared them away... lol Why would you say that, wb? Who?
wb270 - Named Lexi; she's not a BB
* -jabber is jealous if Sheila armwrestled T9 but not the -jabber
-jabber - What is she, wb?
TomNine - Non BBs like to be punched in the abs too! :~)
-jabber - Ha! (to Tom9). Sure, find me some female karate girl or boxer who likes that...
TomNine - No armwresting from Sheila this trip. When the session came around she could barely hold her arms up, she should have refused all armwrestling challenges.
wb270 - 5' 5", 115 lb
-jabber - Face it, T9, she was scared/intimidated BEFORE she was tired. Great lady, really liked her (don't get me wrong), but ah, oh well...
wb270 -
wb270 - just realised I screwed up the pointer to her on the Texas page
TomNine - "Fantasy wrestling" Bah!
TomNine - wb, the Lexi entry says she weighs 15 lbs!
wb270 - there are probably more guys interested in fantasy wrestling than in competitive or muscle worship sessions
wb270 - woops
TomNine - There are ertainly more ladies who can provide fantasy wrestling services.
TomNine - Even most FBBs are taking a risk of injury when they wrestle, no wonder so few do. The fact that the IFBB equates it wit prostitution doesn't help.
wb270 - well, that's true too
-jabber - Man, but I'll bet she's a powerpacked 15 lbs! ROFLMAO. You're probably right, wb270 (more in fantasy wrestling). T9, while most any female 'can' fantasy wrestle, not 'that' many will be comfortable doing that with strangers - don't knock her.
wb270 - does the IFBB equate it with prostitution? so do JF & JK
* -jabber suprisingly defending someone sight unseen from the king of tact, (T9 himself).
TomNine - I'm not knocking Lexi at all, God bless her!
wb270 - how about muscle worship sessions, are those prostitution also to the IFBB?
* -jabber rereads T9's post realizing he's just saying there are less who can provide muscle worship or competitive wrestling (me say oops...).
TomNine - I believe th IFBB would like to keep all private sessions quiet. How te ladies make a living without them is up to them.
wb270 - Is there some sort of official policy here. Who was the girl who was banned from IFBB competitons in the 80s for posing for Playboy?
Clepsydra - Ting; one bell on the Afternoon Watch 12:30pm
TomNine - The IFBB has an official policy against steroids too, I believe.
TomNine - I don't remember to name of the woman who was banned for a Playboy spread, but others have occurred since with no banning.
-jabber - Just as long as they don't do something 'stupid' like have an official policy against female bodybuilders... But how the ladies make a living separate from the IFBB? They'd have no problem hearing about social workers, teachers, personal trainers, doctors, etc... So they ARE viewing them differently.
wb270 - what I wonder is why anybody gives a rats ass about the IFBB at all, considering that they don't do shit for the competitors, and professional BBs can't make a living at it anyhow
wb270 - the only guy who makes any money of of bodybuilding is Joe Weider
TomNine - The pros are in it for self esteem purposes vice money, who doesn't want a chance to be recognized as the best in the world at what one does?
wb270 - If you're not in it to make money, then why call yourself a professional?
TomNine - Andrulla says her high placings don't even get extra business for her gym. Most members don't even know she competes.
-jabber - It was interesting, when I was with Debra, she "wouldn't" want me to divulge to folks who didn't know what sessions were that she did them. Evidently, part of her was ashamed and would 'figure' regular folks wouldn't understand.
TomNine - The IFBB has conned the world into thinking that the only way to make money as a bodybuilder is to be an IFBB pro.
wb270 - That can't be true. If there were a girl around here at the gym I go to who was a top level pro BB, everybody would know
-jabber - But I'm sure Andrulla gets extra business with sessions, though, T9. After all, a session with a top IFBB Pro (who happens to be wildly cute and sexy) is quite a draw...
TomNine - It was a bit awkward meeting Sheila's sister after we had a session, there's no way she could have understood what it was all about.
TomNine - Andrulla told me that nobody cares in the UK, only when she comes here does anyone make a fuss. But jabber is right, Andrulla is the most successful pro doing sessions, and all us schmoes know that!
-jabber - What other IFBB Pro's do sessions? Amelia Hernandez, Joanne Lee (did she?), Melissa Coates, who else?
TomNine - Andrulla will be at Atlanta during the Nationals and swinging up to Philly for a bit after. Not a very far drive...
TomNine - Nicole
wb270 - Joanne Lee did them, I believe, but I don't think that she still is doing them
wb270 - Carmella Cureton, I think
TomNine - Maria Calo is a pro, as is Inna Uit.
wb270 - you're only counting girls with their "pro" cards?
wb270 - Is Maria?
-jabber - Ah, lest we forget Nicole - who I've called shorty... Ha! Yes, Carmella I met (not for a session), but when Debra did the filming of a video for the Iron Belles. There's a small portion of the tape where I 'exerted' my creative direction. And anytime Carmella looked down and to her left, she was looking at me. :-) Ah, Maria Calo! How could I forget!!!
Clepsydra - Time and tide waits for no-one 12:43pm
TomNine - Maria is a pro, no idea what contest she won to get the card.
wb270 - Frankly, from her pics, I have a hard time imagining Maria making it as a pro BB. She seems strangely built
Clepsydra - When I find myself in times of trouble, 12:44pm
TomNine - Collin Fischer is a pro! Too bad I never got my table dance from her :~(
wb270 - Does Collin do sessiona?
-jabber - T9, if "I" was there, Collin would've stuck around... Rule 47B, never underestimate the -jabber. Wb270, if she never did, she 'would' after I'd met her - ha!
wb270 - Actually, or all the pro BBs the only one I've met personally is Carmella
TomNine - Collin "dances" but no sessions that I'm aware of. Beautful girl, only got to talk to her for a minute before she scrambled off.
Clepsydra - It's later than you think 12:47pm
wb270 - of all the pro
TomNine - I've met a few, but pro status wouldn't be a criteria in my picking a lady for a session.
wb270 - well, I've talked to Nicole a few times, but never met her in the flesh
Clepsydra - When I find myself in times of trouble, 12:50pm
wb270 - but then I'm not actually particularly interested in FBBs per se
TomNine - jabber, Collin excused herself to see client in the "Champaigne Room" and said she'd see us agian in 20 mins. None of us were pushy enough to get into the Champaign Room to see if she was still there, so we could have used you.
-jabber - well, I've met Nicole in the flesh a few times, but I've never talked to her. Ha! Just kidding, Nicole and Blu are buds of mine, ain't that right, big guy?
Clepsydra - I sat on a rug, biding my time, drinking her wine. 12:51pm
wb270 - I'm much more impressed that Andrulla was a national level Judo competitor, than that she was 6th in the Ms O
TomNine - Andrulla's placement is just the icing on the cake for me. She's a pretty little powerhouse with a martial arts background, enough for me.
-jabber - Well, you've just got different tastes, there, wb270. I'm MUCH more interested in the visual aspect of female muscles, the 'overpowering' isn't necessary, I just find muscles so goshdarn cute on females. T9, what did you think of Min Yung Kim? See me 'flirting' with her gently? :-)
wb270 - Cheryl Harris isn't a pro is she?
TomNine - Cheryl is not a pro.
-jabber - No, Cheryl isn't a pro fbb, she is a pro in many other senses of the word, though - big ha!
TomNine - Mon Yung was a cutey, I never go to talk to her though.
wb270 - Yes we do have different tastes. A girl who has, say free climbed El Capitan, is much more impressive to me than any body builder. I'm much more into the sheer athletic ability than the muscles
TomNine - Cheryl keeps posting nice new picks of herself, looking great especially for a lady well into her 40s.
TomNine - I appreciate many aspects of female power, not really locked into any one thing. I would only pay for a session to wrestle, but it's all good.
Clepsydra - Ting-ting; two bells on the Afternoon Watch 1:00pm
-jabber - You married, wb270? What kind of women do you personally like? I'm not impressed with a fbb the same way as I might be impressed with a sports feat (generally I'm not impressed with sports feats to start with). We're comparing apples and oranges. When folks 'seem' to think a football player does something remotely athletic, simply look at a female gymnast - their perfomance blows the football player's performance away EASILY!!!
TomNine - Put that gymnast on the football field and we'll see wwhat happens to her. Still apples and oranges, different skills.
wb270 - yes I am married Jabber
wb270 - I personally like friendly, intelligent women, particularly athletic ones
wb270 - I tend to think tha tbeaut is as beauty does
-jabber - T9, so you too like 'men in tights'? Oh well... The amount of skill a gymnast shows dwarfs a football players skills tenfold. Wb270? I personally like women who's vocabulary doesn't include the word "no"! Ha! Unfortunately, I've never met one who didn't know that word. :-)
wb270 - It's hard to compare gymnastics with football. But a football player has to think and react, while a gymnast has only to perform a sequence of moves she has paracticed a million times
Clepsydra - Time for a change 1:13pm
-jabber - I've never seen a football player think... (remember I'm an avid football hater here, avid...) And actually, wb270, I agree with your tastes on women (in general).
wb270 - And, it's foten said, with some truth, that the hardest single thing to do in sports is to hit a round ball with a round bat
wb270 - It seems to me that football is almost entirely a game of recognition and adjustment, that is a highly mental game
TomNine - Full contact gymnastics, now there would be a great sport!
-jabber - I've been able to do that (hit a baseball), so it can't be that difficult. Now doing a floor routine? Uh, no... Football is a very boring game to me. NO entertainment value. Kind of like talking about it - many folks like to justify this 'mental' aspect of it. If that was true, football players would be smart. These guys go to colleges they wouldn't normally have been able to (on academics) on football scholarships. Sorry, I see no brains involved there, either. Now you're talking, T9!
TomNine - Last little girl on the balance beam wins!
wb270 - Can you hit a major league curveball?
wb270 - I expect that the IQ's of football players compare quite favorably with body builders, who don't have to think at all
-jabber - Offer me a million-dollar contract and then I'll answer that one. :-) Ah, them's fighting words, wb270. I never said bodybuilders were smart, did I? All I said is how much I hate football (which won't change). And bodybuilders DO have to think - because they HAVE to do other things to make a living!
TomNine - No athlete in any sport can reach elite status without some brains, even if his/her focus leaves little room for balance.
wb270 - But there really are no strategy, no tatics and no decisions to make in BB, except for fery long range training decisions
Warrior Poet - logged on. --- (Sat Oct 31 1:26pm)
Clepsydra - Hello, Warrior Poet, welcome to the Coffee Lounge.
Clepsydra - Hi, WP, come on in.
Warrior Poet - Hey!
TomNine - Good afternoon, Rob.
wb270 - Let me put it this way, if I could have a date with Kim C. or Mia Hamm, I'd take Mia Hamm any time.
Clepsydra - Time waits for no one and it won't wait for me. 1:27pm
-jabber - I'm not here to argue bb's are smart (as I too don't think it's brain surgery, but intense dedication and discipline to stay on and tweak a diet (and other things) to be in perfectly on shape), just that whatever thought processes football players have to go through is minimal at best. Who's Mia Hamm?
wb270 - hello Rob
Warrior Poet - She's a beautiful soccer player
Clepsydra - Ting-ting, Ting; three bells on the Afternoon Watch 1:30pm
TomNine - Mia was in some commercial, I recall.
wb270 - Mia is probably the best woman soccer player in the World
-jabber - My kingdom for a link... I believe the correct term is a 'header', does she do those? I 'think' I saw the commercial, I wasn't impressed (I could be mistaken).
wb270 - But the girl I'd probably most like to know would be Picabo Street
-jabber - Again, unimpressed, and I DID see a pic of her...
wb270 - :
TomNine - I remember being amazed at how attractive most of the US OLympic women's hockey team looked. Why is the WNBA so packed with unattractive ladies?
Warrior Poet - As far as I am concerned, Sheila is about s perfect a woman I have ever encountered
wb270 -
TomNine - Sheila is a great lady, WP.
wb270 - Picabo is a terrific athlete
-jabberboot - logged on. --- (Sat Oct 31 1:35pm)
Clepsydra - Hello, -jabberboot, welcome to the Coffee Lounge.
Clepsydra - Twas brillig and the slithy toves - hi, Wocky
Warrior Poet - She exhibits great humility. An endearing trait amongst BBs
TomNine - Skiers are pretty stupid as a class of athletes, maybe a notch above snow-boarders. :~)
wb270 - and what she does takes incredible guts
-jabberboot - I'd take one Sheila over 10 Picabo Streets (sounds like an address in some hoity toity place like California :-) ).
wb270 - Sheila is a nice girl, but Picabo is world class, in a sport where there is intense competition, and where you can make real money
wb270 - not to mention incredibly dangerous
-jabberboot - Not saying she isn't successful. But I'M not impressed with her, wb270, sorry. Thanks for the link but I'm having computer troubles - will try it later...
Warrior Poet - My big interest is the person, not the job or the money...
TomNine - I'm gonna go enjoy this beautiful day. See you all around.
Warrior Poet - Cya, Tom!
wb270 - take care tom
Clepsydra - Cheerio, TomNine, come back soon.
TomNine - logged off. --- (Sat Oct 31 1:38pm)
Clepsydra - Off to do a few repairs to the Tenement
Warrior Poet - And I am an absolute fool for a woman with big muscles
wb270 - Now if Picabo did sessions...
wb270 - Then you should like Picabo, WP, she has got the muscles
Warrior Poet - Really? Never seen her in less than full winter gear
wb270 - She's not defined, but she is one big, strong girl
Warrior Poet - Any good physique pics? How big?
wb270 - No real advantage to very low body fat for a skiier, though
Warrior Poet - True
-jabberwithevilpc - logged on. --- (Sat Oct 31 1:44pm)
Clepsydra - Hello, -jabberwithevilpc, welcome to the Coffee Lounge.
Clepsydra - Twas brillig and the slithy toves - hi, Wocky
wb270 - atheltes who have to do something with their muscles ton't generally look like BBs
wb270 - But the strength training that downhill skiiers do is unreal
-jabberwithevilpc - Thanks for the Hamm link, wb270. I wasn't impressed with Picabo's looks, but if you know any other good links of her, I'd be curious. With fbb's, the look of the muscle IS the object, what you are saying wb270 is well understood. Let's see Picabo come to WSE '98 and kick Dawn Whitham and Tazzie Colomb's ass next year!
-jabber - Nickname change, -jabberwithevilpc is now known as -jabber
Warrior Poet - I never really considered that, Bill
wb270 - In anything that involved coordination, and reaction she would probably eat Dawn or Tazzie for lunch
-jabber - So Picabo would be better at getting out of the way when she drops the weights on herself? :-)
Warrior Poet - Guys, nice. We clearly have a difference in taste and values. Accept that difference
wb270 - I thik her lower body strength would probably pretty well match thers, although she doesn't hafe a lot of reason to do infinate numbers of curls
-jabber - Understood if curls aren't her strongsuit, I'd love to see Picabo compare raw lower body strength with Tazzie say (since I found Tazzie quite attractive). Any exercises Picabo picks out... I'd LOVE to watch that...
wb270 - Tazzie does seem to be better looking than the average BB
Warrior Poet - I like Tazzie, too
-jabber - Average BB? Maybe, but nearly all fbb's I find way above average... Oh, but WP, she flirted with me. :-)
Warrior Poet - Congratulations
wb270 - Slalom and GS specialists don't have quite the premium on strength that down-hillers do, but downhill demands incredible strength
Warrior Poet - I wish more FBB's did sessions
-jabber - Have no idea what you're talking about, wb270. GS, isn't that a type of Lexus? :-) And Slalom, isn't that what Jewish folks say to each other? :-)
wb270 - I wish skiiers did sessions
-jabber - And downhill, isn't that what happens when an fbb stumbles going uphill? LOL
wb270 - do FBBs tend to stumble a lot, Jabber?
Clepsydra - Ting-ting, Ting-ting; four bells on the Afternoon Watch 2:00pm
Warrior Poet - When it comes to multisyllabic words, wb270, they do
* -jabber wonders how wb270 knows that I like to trip them - LOL
-jabber - You making fun of fbb's, WP? Why you no good, dirty sassafrassansassanfrassan... :-) (just kidding)
-jabber - Q: How many downhill skiers does it take to change a light bulb? A: It can't be done if the light bulb's uphill.
Clepsydra - Q: How many Apple and IBM nuts does it take to change a lightbulb ? A: An infinite number: nothing useful gets done while they're arguing. Finally a disgusted generic computer user (who will use any type that is in front of him) gets up and changes the bulb, elbowing the participants aside. The size of the crowd arguing seems to be a function of time, although whether or not the function is exponential is not known.
Warrior Poet - I make fun of FBB's cause I love them
-jabber - Yes, WP, I egged on Sheila quite a lot, but I thought she was great (chicken to armwrestle me, but great, nonetheless..)..
Warrior Poet - Sheila is a goddess.
Warrior Poet - I am trying to get my Church of Sheila and my daily worship of her to be tax-exempt, like any recognized religion
-jabber - Have you met her, WP?
Warrior Poet - No, and I never will. :-((((((
-jabber - And I will again, don't you feel jealous? :-) Seriously, why? Why not? Why the defeatist attitude? We can meet Sheila at an upcoming contest sometime - she'd like to do that. Possibly before next year's WSE.
Clepsydra - "The time has come" the Walrus said "to speak of many things" 2:19pm
Warrior Poet - I do feel jealous, but that's life. I can't afford to travel like you guys can
wb270 - I can afford to travel, WP, but not to BB contests
Alexei - logged on. --- (Sat Oct 31 2:22pm)
Clepsydra - Hello, Alexei, welcome to the Coffee Lounge.
Alexei - Evening folks
-jabber - pics.htm
Warrior Poet - Hi, Alexei
Alexei - Hi WP
-jabber - wb270, are these all Picabo Street? Hi Alexei. WP, think of the huge dollars some folks spend on season tickets to sporting events (football, basketball, hockey, baseball, etc.). Now save ALL that money and instead spend it on trips to see women who are dreamy. Makes sense, no? And 'some' of my trips are real cheap - WSE '98 wasn't...
Warrior Poet - Maybe I can go next time...
Clepsydra - Time is a great healer 2:25pm
wb270 - that link doesn't seem to work for me Jabber
wb270 - My wife has a fit, if I propose to go to a BB contest
Warrior Poet - I am single. :-)
-jabber - Link works fine for me, wb270. You say your wife's fit, wb270? Way to go! How's her abs?
-jabber -
Clepsydra - Ting-ting, Ting-ting, Ting; five bells on the Afternoon Watch 2:30pm
-jabber -
wb270 - Ya, that's Picaboo
Alexei - Works fine here allso
wb270 - my waf's abs are OK for a woman of 48 who has had 2 C-sections
Alexei - wb270, what is the adress to your site?
Alexei - Can't find it
wb270 - I think that she's a fine looking woman, and more than that a terrific athlete with tons of guts
-jabber - More power to her, wb270, God bless! But NOT impressed with Picabo's look, sorry...
wb270 - link/
Alexei - Thank you
wb270 -
Warrior Poet - BB soon...
Clepsydra - Cheerio, Warrior Poet, come back soon.
Warrior Poet - logged off. --- (Sat Oct 31 2:35pm)
Clepsydra - Bye, WP
Alexei - wb270 do you know anybody that had a session with Ewa in Sweden?
wb270 - I don't think so Alexi
-jabber - Where do you live, Alexei?
Alexei - Norway
wb270 - gotta go. Catch you all later.
-jabber - I have an ex-roommate who lives in Sweden, but's Finnish. Don't think he's into amazon women though.
Clepsydra - Cheerio, wb270, come back soon.
wb270 - logged off. --- (Sat Oct 31 2:39pm)
Clepsydra - Bye, 270
Alexei - I want to have a session with her
-jabber - Let me know what you think. Powerful muscular women certainly do have a draw to us, no? English is a second language to you, Alexei? Because I would've never guessed (and that's a compliment :-) ).
Alexei - Thank you for the compliment, Yes, I love strong women
Alexei - I've had sessions with Sonia and Th-resa before
Warrior Poet - logged on. --- (Sat Oct 31 2:43pm)
Clepsydra - Hello, Warrior Poet, welcome to the Coffee Lounge.
Clepsydra - Hi, WP, come on in.
Alexei - WB WP
Warrior Poet - Bck. Me and Shy Guy just slayed the minotaur!
Alexei - Why can't you let the poor minotaur live?
Warrior Poet - Because he was a meanie!
Alexei - Oh, he was evil? I see
-jabber - Only thing I'd be interested is seeing Julie slay the minotaur with her bare hands and watch her glistening muscular hard forearms... I've met Th'resa for a session myself, Alexei. You're talking about British and black Sonia Fernandez, correct? Never met her...
* Warrior Poet wonders if there are any FBB's jabber HASN'T met.
Alexei. - logged on. --- (Sat Oct 31 2:50pm)
Clepsydra - Hello, Alexei., welcome to the Coffee Lounge.
Warrior Poet - Sonia is a sweet lady, though.
Alexei. - I've met Sonia twice
Warrior Poet - I've never met her, but I have spoken to her
* -jabber laughs at WP's notion -jabber's a popular guy... Never met Tina Lockwood - well briefly at the 1994 Jan Tana...
Alexei. - You see a lot of bb-shows Jabber?
Warrior Poet - I would like to meet Sheila
-jabber - Yes, Alexei (or is that Alexei. - ha!). They're a great entertainment value for me, well worth it. Not to many other activities can I say that about...
* Alexei. would also like to see Sheilla........
-jabber - Sheila was sweet and not intimidating in the least, WP. If anything, I intimidated her - ha! Not really, we had a great time... Get to this country often, Alexei?
Clepsydra - Up the Beatles 2:55pm
Alexei. - What country? USA? Have never been there,
-jabber - Oh, sorry, Alexei, I thought it was common knowledge that -jabber lives in Dallas, Texas, in the good old USA. Forgot I'm not as well known in chat as in the message boards and
Clepsydra - Ting-ting, Ting-ting, Ting-ting; six bells on the Afternoon Watch 3:00pm
Alexei. - But I plan to go there
Warrior Poet - Yeah, Sheila is purty
-jabber - I was asking Sheila, she's from Vancouver, British Columbia, which is kind of like the California of Canada. Meaning she sounded a bit like a valley girl. She did seem like a neat young lady even if she didn't have all those muscles (but of course I was glad she did).
Alexei. - Anyway, I got to go now see you later
Warrior Poet - Cya, Alexei
Clepsydra - Cheerio, Alexei., come back soon.
Alexei. - logged off. --- (Sat Oct 31 3:07pm)
Warrior Poet - Well, this is a bit slow for me, Jabs. I am gonna head out for a bit, but I'll be here tonight
Clepsydra - Cheerio, Warrior Poet, come back soon.
Warrior Poet - logged off. --- (Sat Oct 31 3:12pm)
Clepsydra - Bye, WP
Clepsydra - Cheerio, -jabber, come back soon.
-jabber - logged off. --- (Sat Oct 31 3:12pm)
Clepsydra - And the mome raths outgrabe.
wb270 - testing
Clepsydra - Cheerio, wb270, come back soon.
wb270 - logged off. --- (Sat Oct 31 3:21pm)
Clepsydra - Bye, 270
Clepsydra - Ting-ting, Ting-ting, Ting-ting, Ting; seven bells on the Afternoon Watch 3:30pm
Crystal - logged on. --- (Sat Oct 31 3:56pm)
Clepsydra - Hello, Crystal, welcome to the Coffee Lounge.
Beowulf - logged on. --- (Sat Oct 31 3:56pm)
Clepsydra - Hello, Beowulf, welcome to the Coffee Lounge.
Clepsydra - And now, direct from Much Binding in the Marsh, it's the legendary Beowulf
Captain Pugwash - logged on. --- (Sat Oct 31 3:56pm)
Clepsydra - Hello, Captain Pugwash, welcome to the Coffee Lounge.
Clepsydra - Amidst a skirl of bagpipes, the Captain reels in
Beowulf - evening crystal
Crystal - logged on. --- (Sat Oct 31 3:57pm)
Clepsydra - Hello, Crystal, welcome to the Coffee Lounge.
Beowulf - Hi captain Pugwash, any chance of another colour?
Captain Pugwash - Evening Crystal, Beowulf, good to see y'all again
Crystal - Greetings.
Beowulf - Hi crystal
Beowulf - Thats easier on the eye cap'nm
Rhys - logged on. --- (Sat Oct 31 3:58pm)
Clepsydra - Hello, Rhys, welcome to the Coffee Lounge.
Clepsydra - How goes the daily grind? Have you seen thelight yet?
Crystal - uhh.... Pugwash?
Captain Pugwash - :)
Rhys - Pug....
Rhys - ... ugh...
Beowulf - Hi rhys
Rhys - ... pugwash
Rhys - Hi!
Captain Pugwash - Evening Rhys, wow, Crystal sure draws a crowd these days!
Crystal - Aha! SG & Rhys.... what a pair to draw to!
Beowulf - anyone having fun? had fun, maybe confused things?
Rhys - Like files 'round a pot of honey
Captain Pugwash - Don't go confusing me with that other Captain who sails these sees
Clepsydra - Ting-ting, Ting-ting, Ting-ting, Ting-ting; eight bells on the Afternoon Watch 4:00pm
Beowulf - or thorns by a rose
Captain Pugwash - I hear he would be more than happy to stampt out my perfectly honourable profession of piracy...
Rhys - A romanic profession
Crystal - And of course, the legendary Beowulf...
Beowulf - Ah, where can I go without my reputation preceeding me good lady crystal
Rhys - Does sub still show up?
Captain Pugwash - Romance on the high seas, and a tidy little proffit, what more could a man ask from life?
Captain Pugwash - Apart from maybe a better animator...
Crystal - Who knows? I seldom show up.
Captain Pugwash - sub is rarely spotted from Florida climes Rhys :(
Beowulf - any less of the sexist names,
Rhys - .. and I as well. Not like the old days, eh?
Crystal - You are correct, Rhys!
Captain Pugwash - Diana was out to play this week, which was a most welcome return
Beowulf - can I ask a question, was dougal on some drug?
Rhys - Out to play?
Captain Pugwash - Hey, don't you go tarnishing my hero with though foul and scurrilous rumours Beo
Captain Pugwash - Everyone knows it was Dylan had the habit...
Rhys - October 29 was a year for me at this site.
Captain Pugwash - ... and Mr Rusty was the pusher ...
Captain Pugwash - Happy Birthday Rhys!
Crystal - Mercy sakes! Really?
Beowulf - Well I'm sure Dylan was on something, and what was the plant gertrude kept chewwing, definately the weed
Beowulf - and is florence a virgin?
Captain Pugwash - I'm not up 12 months till February
Crystal - Masticated spliff?
Captain Pugwash - Go Funky Moped!
Beowulf - or are the stories about noddy true
Rhys - Concentrated mugwart
Beowulf - as for brian, that must have been speed
Crystal - I thought you were here longer, Rhys...
Captain Pugwash - Rhys just looks like an old man!
Rhys - No, Octover. -- Hey, Crystal? How did you know about Riverboat?
Rhys - :(
Rhys - Thanks SG
Crystal - Mit Carney and such?
Beowulf - bbs folks
Clepsydra - Cheerio, Beowulf, come back soon.
Beowulf - logged off. --- (Sat Oct 31 4:08pm)
Clepsydra - Pip pip, Beowulf
Rhys - Your too young to remember the series when it was new.
Captain Pugwash - Although 12 months is a long time around here still
Captain Pugwash - How many regulars left that predate you Rhys? I think Paul goes back farthest
Rhys - Remember Raging Bulwinkle?
Captain Pugwash - Although Charon was around in the days before the web site
Crystal - I've seen the show. Was it not B&W when it was on?
Crystal - I do.
Rhys - I remember it when it was new. I lived for that show. Love staemboars
Rhys - Steamboats, rather
Captain Pugwash - I think bulwinkle left as I joined Rhys
Crystal - What about the Rage...
Rhys - He grew tired of us; thought we were childish - WE were!
Captain Pugwash - Rages come and go...
Rhys - Hah, I loved it back in my Charlotte days.
Rhys - You guys were my whole life....
Captain Pugwash - The great thing about getting older is, the older you get the less you worry about being childish, less to prove
Crystal - This room used to be GREAT fun! It's a shadow of its former self.
Rhys - True...
Captain Pugwash - I think we wore it out, lots of new folks kept joining and keeping it young
Rhys - Sub, Ghost, Betty the Bomber
Captain Pugwash - It was exciting and new, now it's just familiar
Rhys - ... Crystal
Crystal - Bitchfuker...
Captain Pugwash - Although chatting with Diana this week, it was surprising how fast some of that old magic returned
Crystal - Still, SG, it's not the same.
Captain Pugwash - I think we're not the same Crystal
Rhys - She was for real, really.
Rhys - I'm not. My whole life changed.
Crystal - Remember when people thought I was DOM?
Captain Pugwash - You can't visit this site more than once and leave unchanged. Not possible
Rhys - Yeah... It was scooby, right?
Crystal - Correct you are.
Captain Pugwash - Scooby ever admit that?
Rhys - Yes, I think so.
Captain Pugwash - The big, ongoing controversy as I joined was what had happened to DOM...
Crystal - Did.
Rhys - Tonight I give out candy to the little fuckers.
Captain Pugwash - Tonight I go watch the last race of the season
Captain Pugwash - I'm lucky to have friends to humour me with a TV at 4AM!#
Crystal - I have special treats in store...
Rhys - logged on. --- (Sat Oct 31 4:18pm)
Clepsydra - Hello, Rhys, welcome to the Coffee Lounge.
Clepsydra - How goes the daily grind? Have you seen thelight yet?
Rhys - Hey, it already Hallow'een in England
Crystal - Are you still in mourning, Rhys? Hence, the black?
Captain Pugwash - Speaking of which, I should already be on my way...
Rhys - I'll eat too much candy and get the colley wobbles
Captain Pugwash - Trick or treat is a US tradition, that we only imported recently
Rhys - Yes, I am.
Crystal - You paint a pretty picture....
Rhys - Really? How interesting.
Captain Pugwash - It's a bad thing! Guy Fawkes night is only 5 days after, when we let off all our fireworks
Rhys - No fireworks on the 4th of July? ---- hee...
Captain Pugwash - So now we get kids posting fireworks if they don't get treated, or jsut 'coz they were bored...
Crystal - GF was hanged, drawn & quartered! I just learned that.
Rhys - The night before is mischief night. One has to guard his property.
Captain Pugwash - I never figured fireworks and 4th July. Do you set them off in daylight or something?
Clepsydra - Q: How many feminists does it take to screw in a light bulb? A: None. Women have a supreme court, constitionally protected right to work in the dark if they choose to.
Rhys - We used to spend all day just setting off fireworks, but now it's illegal in most states.
Captain Pugwash - Yes, but at least you are allowed to shoot the scoundrels Rhys, we have to thank them for burning our houses down
Rhys - So we now go to public displays
Rhys - Some of the old timers tell hilarious stories about setting off fireworks
Clepsydra - Time it waits for no man my future it is revealed 4:23pm
Captain Pugwash - What? You can shoot people over there but can't set off your own fireworks?
Crystal - Some friends of mine make their own. New Year's Eve is fairly explosive.
Rhys - Oh, yes. I can shoot people who annoy me. Killed two last week and wounded three.
Rhys - I have a 38 revolver for self protection.
* Crystal nervously fingers a t9
Rhys - Do NOT come into my house at 3 AM.
Captain Pugwash - A what? Crysal
Richard - logged on. --- (Sat Oct 31 4:25pm)
Clepsydra - Hello, Richard, welcome to the Coffee Lounge.
Rhys - Smith a Wesson, 5 shot, snub nose.
DES - logged on. --- (Sat Oct 31 4:26pm)
Clepsydra - Hello, DES, welcome to the Coffee Lounge.
Rhys - BANG!!!!
Captain Pugwash - got a great headline over here how a marriage guidance session over your way turned into a firefight...
Richard - greetings all
Rhys - ... oh, sorry.
Captain Pugwash - Evening Richard, DES
Crystal - T-9. Fairly good weapon to scrag a few folks...
Digitally Enhanced Scrotum - Hi, don't mind me. I'm just hanging around.
Crystal - Hi, Richard.
Richard - greetings captain.
Crystal - Scoob?
Digitally Enhanced Scrotum - Ha!
Richard - afraid i only know M16, M50 machine gun, and 45 from my military days
Richard - Hi Crystal
Warrior Poet - Nickname change, Digitally Enhanced Scrotum is now known as Warrior Poet
Captain Pugwash - Actually, I really must dash now, good catching you all again, however briefly I could stay
Crystal - I thought you were dead, Rob.
Captain Pugwash - Catch y'all again
Richard - and i thought it was diethylstobesterol
Captain Pugwash - 'night folks
Warrior Poet - No you didn't.
Warrior Poet - Cya, Alisdair
Crystal - Later, SG!
Richard - adios, Captain
* Captain Pugwash hopes this is his last procrastuination before logging off...
Rhys - I have 45 calibre flint lock squirrel rifle. Nice for deer hunting. The gun that fired the shot heard round the world.
* OK, it wasn't but this is!
Rhys - Hey, Capt?
Richard - i was a navy corpsman and seeing a doctor with a gun was just to frightening for me
Rhys - .. duh.
Clepsydra - Ting; one bell on the Dog Watch 4:30pm
* Warrior Poet arrives dressed-up for Halloween as a computer nerd.
- Darn, Rhys has grabbed me back again, any need to buy some willpower
* Crystal likes to procrastinate
- Anyone got some spare willpower for sale?
Richard - Crystal, ur in Santa Monica, right?
Clepsydra - You can not only get AIDS from sex in the White House, you can also get sex from aides.
Rhys - I can't see you in England. Too little time, too many things to see. I'm out of control
Clepsydra - Life is very short, and there's no time, 4:31pm
Warrior Poet - No, that's julie, Richard. Crystal is in Viking country
Rhys - Can't even see the old homestead
Crystal - Not really.... who told you that?
- Fair enough Rhys, maybe another time. Remeber it;s a vacation and have fun!
Rhys - Can't do shit.
Rhys - Yeah.....
Richard - i know i should be keeping a scorecard by the computer. so confusing
Rhys - But I get to see Bath.
Rhys - and Portsmouth
Rhys - and three days in London
Rhys - and Greenwich.
Warrior Poet - How be you, friend Richard?
Clepsydra - Cheerio, , come back soon.
- logged off. --- (Sat Oct 31 4:32pm)
Richard - i know i should be keeping a scorecard by the computer. so confusing
Rhys - BYE!
Warrior Poet - Bye, Alisdair
Crystal - Wasn't there something fascinating about Jupiter a month or so back, Rhys?
Warrior Poet - So how goes the eternal struggle, Rhys?
Richard - had to work this morning. computer problems at work. not bad enuf i have to deal with sick people, but sick computers too?
Bjarni Hernuffson - Nickname change, Rhys is now known as Bjarni Hernuffson
Bjarni Hernuffson - Oh, okay. I'll manage.
Warrior Poet - Ah, Richard. The challenges you experience at work are the same that make life so precious
Crystal - Better than Arnie S....
Bjarni Hernuffson - Vell, I hafta be goin now.
Richard - hey Rob, it was overtime and it helps pay the bills and makes the hospital run, sorta
Clepsydra - Time is of the essence 4:35pm
Crystal - I know, y'know...
Richard - ado Bjarni
Bjarni Hernuffson - See ya later....
Crystal - ado?
Warrior Poet - But Richard, we have discussed how very rewarding your work must be. I doubt one could really place a price on what you do
Warrior Poet - Cya, Rhys
* Bjarni Hernuffson was the first person to reach North America in 985 AD
Richard - like achoo, but not a sneeze
Clepsydra - Cheerio, Bjarni Hernuffson, come back soon.
Bjarni Hernuffson - logged off. --- (Sat Oct 31 4:37pm)
Richard - hey Rob, if that were true, my mortgage holder wouldn't even ask me for money
Bjarni Hernuffson - Ja! I be back fer sure, no kiddin.
Crystal - I think people came from the land bridge first.
Clepsydra - Cheerio, Bjarni Hernuffson, come back soon.
Bjarni Hernuffson - logged off. --- (Sat Oct 31 4:38pm)
Richard - healthcare is a very frustrating field to work in right now
Warrior Poet - It is true. If I thought I had made another person'slife any better, as you have done countless times, I would forever wear a smile on my face
Clepsydra - Baby, baby, baby you're out of time 4:38pm
Bjarni Hernuffson - I gotta go or Thorgard vill kick my ass.
Crystal - Tell me about it!
Bjarni Hernuffson - Ja! She gets real mad ven I'm late.
Crystal - Vat about Bifrost?
Bjarni Hernuffson - Who dat?
Richard - i'm having computer problems right now. i'm going to quit and reboot. see u in a couple
Clepsydra - Cheerio, Richard, come back soon.
Richard - logged off. --- (Sat Oct 31 4:40pm)
Crystal - Time to hit the books...
Bjarni Hernuffson - Shit! It's Thorgard. Gotta go...
Clepsydra - Cheerio, Bjarni Hernuffson, come back soon.
Bjarni Hernuffson - logged off. --- (Sat Oct 31 4:41pm)
Crystal - Am I still here?
Richard - logged on. --- (Sat Oct 31 4:48pm)
Clepsydra - Hello, Richard, welcome to the Coffee Lounge.
Richard - are you?
Richard - well, if ur still here, i can't hear you. have a good day one and all
Clepsydra - Cheerio, Richard, come back soon.
Richard - logged off. --- (Sat Oct 31 4:50pm)
Scooby - logged on. --- (Sat Oct 31 4:54pm)
Clepsydra - Hello, Scooby, welcome to the Coffee Lounge.
Clepsydra - Clepsy puts out a bowl of milk for the nice doggie
Scooby - Scooby Doo Da Dooby Doo
Scooby - Diddly Dee Da Diddly Doo
Scooby - Bop Bop Ba Ree Bop
Scooby - Skiddly Diddly Dee Do Dum
Scooby - De Do Do Do, De Da Da Da
Scooby - Salt Peanuts, Salt Peanuts
Clepsydra - Ting-ting; two bells on the Dog Watch 5:00pm
-jabber - logged on. --- (Sat Oct 31 5:01pm)
Clepsydra - Hello, -jabber, welcome to the Coffee Lounge.
Clepsydra - Twas brillig and the slithy toves - hi, Wocky
Scooby - Jabbah!
-jabber - So, Scooby, witness any good headbutts delivered by females lately?
Scooby - Not as many as I wish.
-jabber - Why? (an uncharacteristically short -jabber reply made longer with a bunch of parenthetical words, signifying nothing... :-) )
Scooby - Hollywood just don't make enough of 'em.
-jabber - Ah, I 'knew' you were going to say that... I meant why do you 'like' them?
Scooby - I like any kind of female/male violence.
Scooby - Headbutt, punch, kick, knee, leg scissor, stabbing, shooting...
Scooby - If a woman is inflicting pain on a man, I'll take it.
Scooby - But I will have to say that a woman being punched in the gut and shrugging it off doesn't do anything for me.
-jabber - Ah, you disappoint me. :-) Would a woman who is the foreman of a jury and she has to deliver a guilty verdict that will end up with electrocution, would that turn you on? But a woman who can TAKE the punch? To a solid impervious midsection... Scooby, scooby, scooby...
Scooby - The female jury foreman would turn me on if she had a calm, sadistic smile on her face as she said the word "guilty". That, and a sweet pair of high heels on :o)
Scooby - The more creative the violence, the better. For example, today I saw a scene where a woman puts a piece of duct tape over a guys nose...
-jabber - Where do you live and why haven't you emailed descriptions of the compilations you 'have' out, I might be interested...
Scooby - ...then she stuffs a squid in his mouth so that he can't breathe. After a few moments of struggle, he dies. Finally, she cut off his finger. Why? Who knows. But it sure was sweet.
Scooby - I'm in the St. Louis area. Did you read my reply to your post on my board?
-jabber - Yes, you were talking about a new tape. Older stuff I might be interested in. You know Brownie?
Scooby - My latest tape is completed tomorrow, November 1. If you'd like to request a copy, send me an e-mail @
Scooby - I'm asking $25 per copy and it's 6 hours of mixed action from TV and movies. Yes, I know Brownie. I sold him a tape once. He's in St. Louis too.
Clepsydra - Time for a change 5:23pm
Scooby - Right now I'm overwhelmed with dubbing copies of my latest tape (Vol. 4) that I'm not making copies of Volumes 1 - 3 as well. I'll make Vol 1 - 3 again later when Volume 4 calms down. Probably about 2 months.
-jabber - No prob, I'm patient, Scoob... I sent you an email. We'll see if I 'like' Vol. 4, as you know, skinny girls with guns, strawberries, hairdryers, eggbeaters, etc., really doesn't do a thing for me. Now if they armwrestle and win, that's another thing... :-)
Clepsydra - Ting-ting, Ting; three bells on the Dog Watch 5:30pm
-jabberboot - logged on. --- (Sat Oct 31 5:39pm)
Clepsydra - Hello, -jabberboot, welcome to the Coffee Lounge.
Clepsydra - Twas brillig and the slithy toves - hi, Wocky
-jabber - Nickname change, -jabberboot is now known as -jabber
* -jabber zzzzz....
Scooby - logged on. --- (Sat Oct 31 5:49pm)
Clepsydra - Hello, Scooby, welcome to the Coffee Lounge.
Clepsydra - Clepsy puts out a bowl of milk for the nice doggie
Scooby - pssst. wake up.
Scooby - I love skinny chicks with egg beaters.
Warrior Poet - logged on. --- (Sat Oct 31 5:51pm)
Clepsydra - Hello, Warrior Poet, welcome to the Coffee Lounge.
Clepsydra - Hi, WP, come on in.
Warrior Poet - I don't much care for skinny chicks, but I'd let Sheila kill me with eggbeaters anytime!
Clepsydra - Time is a great healer 5:51pm
Scooby - BrownBoy!
Warrior Poet - RedMan!
* -jabber groggily wakes up from being viciously headbutted by a group of skinny girls with curiously hard heads...
Warrior Poet - Scoob is hellalame!
Scooby - Keep quiet or you'll wake up -jabber.
Aussie - logged on. --- (Sat Oct 31 5:54pm)
Clepsydra - Hello, Aussie, welcome to the Coffee Lounge.
Aussie - morning everyone
Scooby - Morning?
Warrior Poet - Hi, Aussie
-jabber - Afternoon, Aussie... Anybody have any Tylenol? My head hurts...
* Scooby offers -jabber 40mg of Prozac...
Aussie - Prozac will give you more problems than a head hurt!
-jabber - Give that to the skinny hard-headed girl who did this to me? :-)
Aussie - what did she do head but you 50 times?
Clepsydra - Time waits for no one and it won't wait for me. 5:59pm
Clepsydra - Ting-ting, Ting-ting; four bells on the Dog Watch 6:00pm
Scooby - Did anybody tape it?
-jabber - I lost count after the first one...
Aussie - as your name suggests Jabber you should have given them a heading of your own.
Warrior Poet - Tape my nose close and stuff a squid in my mouth?
Warrior Poet -

I'm naked!

Clepsydra - Cheerio, Warrior Poet, come back soon.
Warrior Poet - logged off. --- (Sat Oct 31 6:12pm)
Clepsydra - Bye, WP
-jabber - So where do you live, Aussie? Don't just say Australia...
Clepsydra - Ting; one bell on the Dog Watch 6:30pm
* -jabber getting sleepy again...
Crystal - logged on. --- (Sat Oct 31 6:41pm)
Clepsydra - Hello, Crystal, welcome to the Coffee Lounge.
-jabber - Hi Crystal, do I know you?
Crystal - No.
Crystal - You should.
Warrior Poet - logged on. --- (Sat Oct 31 6:45pm)
Clepsydra - Hello, Warrior Poet, welcome to the Coffee Lounge.
Clepsydra - Hi, WP, come on in.
Warrior Poet - Back, jabs.
Crystal - Rob- nobody want's to see you naked. :-)
Warrior Poet - I do.
Crystal - I can only shake my head...
Warrior Poet - Actually, I just use it as an ice-breaker...I only say it when no one is speaking
TomNine - logged on. --- (Sat Oct 31 6:48pm)
Clepsydra - Hello, TomNine, welcome to the Coffee Lounge.
Clepsydra - Clepsy jumps at T9, and puts him in an unbreakable body scissors
-jabber - So how do I get to know you, Crystal? Male or female?
Warrior Poet - Tommyboy!
TomNine - Long Time, Crystal. Rob, put some clothes on! :~)
Warrior Poet - I covered myself up with a band-aid...that's all I need. :-(
TomNine - Jabber, you only get one chance with the lovely Crystal.
Warrior Poet - Yeah, she's REALLY quiet, too
Crystal - Hi, Tom! 'sup?
-jabber - And I haven't had that chance yet, Tom9, what's your point?
TomNine - Just checking things out here, Crystal, had to drop by and say hi.
Warrior Poet - I always feel nerdy being home on a weekend night, but dammit I like it!
Crystal - I have a thought....
Warrior Poet - Really?
TomNine - WP, long ago I abandoned the idea that there is fun to be had out there on a Saturday night. Gotta make your own fun.
Crystal - What the christ is that supposed to mean?
* -jabber sees a m/f fight between WP and Crystal brewing... :-)
TomNine - Please share your thought with us, Crystal.
Warrior Poet - Misplaced, PM, Crystal...sorry.
Crystal - My heart is an open book...
Crystal - Well, maybe....;-)
* Warrior Poet hides behind jabber to avoid Crystal's wrath
Crystal - Might seem strange, but.... was Rhys really Raging Bullwinkle?
TomNine - Was that the thought?
* -jabber likes female wrath...
TomNine - I understand that Raging Bullwinkle was somebody else, just a bit before my Time here.
Clepsydra - Ting-ting; two bells on the Dog Watch 7:00pm
Crystal - I ken that, Tom.
TomNine - Rhys did use another handle, can't recall it.
-jabber - So what part of this great country or world do you live in, Crystal?
Stu - logged on. --- (Sat Oct 31 7:00pm)
Clepsydra - Hello, Stu, welcome to the Coffee Lounge.
Crystal - Uses many.
TomNine - Stu-man, hello!
-jabber - Stu!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Stu - Hello the room!!!
Warrior Poet - Hi, Stu
Crystal - Hi, Stu. Tell -jabber, will you, Tom?
Stu - Tom, Jabber!!!!'s been so long
Stu - Hi Crystal, WP
Scooby - logged on. --- (Sat Oct 31 7:03pm)
Clepsydra - Hello, Scooby, welcome to the Coffee Lounge.
Clepsydra - Clepsy puts out a bowl of milk for the nice doggie
Warrior Poet - Doggy!
* Stu wonders what he meant by "so long"
Scooby - Rhys was also Hector.
Crystal - Greetings, Scoob-doggy-dog!
Stu - Hey Scooby
Warrior Poet - Hector was slain by Achilles
Scooby - Crystal! Back for another month?
Scooby - Hey Stu!
TomNine - Hey Scoobeh. Crystal, tell -jabber what?
Crystal - Just a parsec. And Scoob was DOM. I got some heat for that.
* Warrior Poet is so cold he's nipping-out.
Stu - And got dragged behing a chariot if I remember which led to Achilles getting an arrow in his heel
Scooby - :o)
Scooby - I am looking for a boy...
Warrior Poet - Wanna see my bulging nipples?
TomNine - Scoob was and is DOM. Bad doggie!
Crystal - Well done. ;-)
Stu - to get a quick note off to someone on the West Coast
* Warrior Poet wonders if it's Scooby's corrupting influence that has made him such a perv.
Scooby - But you have to admit, the Sub-A-Thon was one of the most memorable chat room events this year.
TomNine - smitty was at WSE last weekend, though I didn't meet him. I know he talked hockey with Sheila.
Crystal - Sure. Where were you and sub @ the Crystal-a-thon?
Scooby - The Crystal-A-Thon? When was that?
Crystal - I believe I did over 30 hrs.
Scooby - Damn! When? In a row?
Crystal - Spur o' the moment sort of thing....
Warrior Poet - No. In a year
TomNine - Was that before the sub-a-thon? I know Crystal has put in her Hours here.
Crystal - Check the archives... (it was after sub)
Scooby - The Sub-A-Thon was in January or February.
Crystal - And I supported him. Check it out.
TomNine - Scooby, I thought the sub-a-thon was earlier too, but I wnt back to the archives once to find it, March or April was more like it.
TomNine - I wasn't quite a regular during the sub-a-thon, but I did drop by to say hi a few.
Scooby - Dom was such a bitch!
Warrior Poet - Dom Deluise?
TomNine - I want to have DOM's baby!
Crystal - What happened to Mr. Corc? BTW, you have a fine mind, Scoob.
Scooby - I'll ask her.
Scooby - :o)
TomNine - The Captain has an out-of-town gig this weekend. Should be back here to chat any day now.
Crystal - Oops, I forgot... An All Hallows Eve gig, right?
Warrior Poet - I'm having fun with these trick-or-treaters
TomNine - CC should be warming up his voice right now.
Scooby - I'm letting the wife answer the door. We made an agreement, she takes care of the trickertreaters and I keep a look out on the chatroom.
Stu - My building requires folks to put something on their doors if you don't mind rugrats stopping
Crystal - Or chaining the heaters to lower it...
Warrior Poet - Were running a bit of a haunted house, here
Scooby - Naked again?
TomNine - I've never lived in a place where trick-or-treaters visit, at least since I left home in 1981.
Warrior Poet - It actually saves lots on candy
Crystal - What part do you haint, Rob?
Warrior Poet - No, Scoob, I invit the kids in and show them my student loan truns their hair white and they run-off screaming
Warrior Poet - Sometimes they come back out of pity and leave me candy...
Clepsydra - I'm just ticking along 7:22pm
Crystal - Hmmmm... white hair.... knocking..... I know the author.
Scooby - Anybody seen the movie "His Bodyguard"?
Crystal - My Bodyguard?
Warrior Poet - Why, Scoob, did some skinnt girl kill a man with abutter knife?
Scooby - No, "His Bodyguard" is a new B-movie release. I don't know, WP, that's what I'm trying to find out.
Crystal - Scoob, did you ever find out who was with Roddy M in the Sir AH 30 min. serial?
TomNine - WP, wasn't that like a LifeTime girly movie without much violence? Never saw it.
Warrior Poet - Surely Siskel & Ebert list all the fems kills in movies when they rate get's killed by shoe horn...Thumbs up!
Scooby - Crystal, do you just pull these questions out of your ass? What are you talking about?
Warrior Poet - Tom, there REALLY was an FBB movie on Lifetime called "Getting Physical."
Clepsydra - "The time has come" the Walrus said "to speak of many things" 7:25pm
* TomNine doesn't know why he addressed tha to WP. OlzhTimers Disease.
Stu - My machine is acting up per usual...See you all later
Crystal - I posed that question to you over a year ago. The bitch/brute that tossed him over a cliff.
Clepsydra - Cheerio, Stu, come back soon.
Stu - logged off. --- (Sat Oct 31 7:26pm)
Warrior Poet - Scoob, do you have any shoe horn kills in your video series?
TomNine - I remember "Getting Physical" wit ALexandra Paul if I recall, some real bodybuilders at the end.
Warrior Poet - Cya, Stu
Warrior Poet - Alzheimers
Scooby - logged on. --- (Sat Oct 31 7:27pm)
Clepsydra - Hello, Scooby, welcome to the Coffee Lounge.
Clepsydra - Clepsy puts out a bowl of milk for the nice doggie
Crystal - WBScoob.
Scooby - It's one year later and I still have no idea, Crystal. But I have finally seen Sledgehammer.
Warrior Poet - I am so damn funny!
TomNine - One strawberry killing is better than a dozen shoehorn slayings.
Scooby - No shoe horn kills. Three shoe heel kills on Volume 4 though.
-jabberasleep - logged on. --- (Sat Oct 31 7:29pm)
Clepsydra - Hello, -jabberasleep, welcome to the Coffee Lounge.
Clepsydra - Twas brillig and the slithy toves - hi, Wocky
Warrior Poet - Crystal, have you ever killed a man with a 3.5" hard disk?
Crystal - -jabberasleep?
Clepsydra - Ting-ting, Ting; three bells on the Dog Watch 7:30pm
Crystal - Floppys are better.
* -jabberasleep just took a break to watch the Debbie Minsky video - magnifique!
Warrior Poet - Or maybe with a hippie named, Neil?
Warrior Poet - Why do you prefer floppys?
Richard - greetings folks
Warrior Poet - Herr Richard!
TomNine - Richard, hello!
Crystal - Who is Debbie Minsky?
Scooby - 'Chaad!
Richard - just waiting for the little brats to start ringing the bell
Richard - Herr Ointment, Tom
-jabberasleep - Only one of the thickest attractive fbb's around - very thick chest, gorgeous - heard she was studying law.
Warrior Poet - Listen to Richard...bubbling over with holiday cheer!
Warrior Poet - I jeard she retired, Jabs
Crystal - Sounds Jewish.
Richard - i think i hate halloween more than most "holidays"
Warrior Poet - One time, when I was taking a shower, I took all my clothes off.
Clepsydra - "The time has come" the Walrus said "to speak of many things" 7:33pm
Richard - i downloaded a video clip on Paula Suzuki. God she is huge for a tiny thing
-jabberasleep - Yes, Halloween sucks. I heard that Sheila Burgess was dressing up as an fbb this year - ha! Ain't I mean? (kidding aside, she's great)
Scooby - I downloaded a video of Calista Flockhart. Nice bones.
-jabberasleep - Yours or hers, Scooby!!! LOL
Richard - if ur a L&C fan, there was a fight in the last Ally McBeal and the woman carries the other one out and throws her in a dumpster
Crystal - CF is a strange person.
Richard - Scob, i don't trust a woman who's legs are skinnier than my arms
Warrior Poet - I think everyone here is really strange
Richard - i enjoy Ali McBeal. kinda off center
Crystal - Nobody axed you, Rob.
Scooby - SkinnyLegs! :o)
Warrior Poet - Mohammed Ali McBeal?
Crystal - Kidding.
-jabberasleep - Speak for yourself, WP! I want to know this secret about Crystal! I checked the recent archive and couldn't understand if it was divulged...
-jabber - Nickname change, -jabberasleep is now known as -jabber
Crystal - McBeal-Lehrer?
-jabber - Crystal Light?
Warrior Poet - I know of no secret about Crystal, but she is quite secretive.
-jabber - Warrior Poet Laureate?
Richard - she's almost stealth
Warrior Poet - If you say so, I think the tag is appropriate for me, but others think I am too stupid to be a poet
-jabber - Don't get me excited, Richard, I like stealthy women (whatever that means :-) )...
Scooby - Scooby Doo?
TomNine - Crystal prefers to remain an enigma.
Richard - and then sometimes he Don't
Clepsydra - Tempus fugit 7:39pm
-jabber - So Scooby, would you have a heart attack if you saw a real thick woman like Debbie Minsky? And what if she picked up a gun...
Richard - jabber, you don't even know they're there
Crystal - What's wrong with that? I DO have a website in the configuration mode.
TomNine - I'm off to tend to other things, see you later.
Warrior Poet - I have an operating website
-jabber - Link please, Crystal?
Richard - what's wrong with what, Crystal?
Warrior Poet - Cya, Tom!
-jabber - There ARE no other things, Tom9! :-)
Richard - cya tom
Crystal - Tom's thought about enigmas.
Scooby - I'd have to see Debbie Minsky I suppose.
Richard - didn't seem that he said there was anything wrong with you being an enigma
Crystal - Of course not.
Richard - isn't an enigma what a nurse does for a patient who is constipated.
-jabber - One (or more pics of) Debbie Minsky, comin' right up...
TomNine - I love a good enigma like Scooby loves a good enema!
Clepsydra - Cheerio, TomNine, come back soon.
TomNine - logged off. --- (Sat Oct 31 7:43pm)
Clepsydra - Off to do a few repairs to the Tenement
Crystal - I thought that would be Scoob's line...
Richard -
-jabber -
Richard - there's a video clip that goes with that jpg
-jabber - That's a great video, Richard, Paula Suzuki, WPW-255.
-jabber -
Richard - did you see the Christa Bauch Dancing Pecs, jabber?
Mad Season - logged on. --- (Sat Oct 31 7:47pm)
Clepsydra - Hello, Mad Season, welcome to the Coffee Lounge.
-jabber - I have that video, too, Richard...
Warrior Poet - Hi, MS
-jabber -
Richard - jabber, i'm envious
Crystal - Hi, Mad. Why?
Mad Season - Hello.
-jabber - Envious of what, Richard? When I had an fbb girlfriend? Hell, then I was jealous of myself. :-)
-jabber - Hello Season, do I know you?
Richard - i know you met her at the WSE, but Maria Calo is awesome
Richard - having the videos jabber
Warrior Poet - I don't know. You tell me.
Clepsydra - Cheerio, Mad Season, come back soon.
Mad Season - logged off. --- (Sat Oct 31 7:50pm)
Warrior Poet - How do cows fart so well?
Richard - well, that was quick guys. what u say to him?
Richard - fiber, Rob. fiber
-jabber - Hell, WP, I'd rather hear light bulb jokes. What about you, Clepsy?
Clepsydra - Q: How many keyboardists does it take to screw in a light bulb? A: Two: One to screw in the bulb, and one to patch it into the Korg.
Warrior Poet - Lucky guys.
-jabber - What's luck got to do with it? (sounds like a movie about Tina Turner, no?)
Warrior Poet - Where are all the chicks?
-jabber - Out getting their treats tonight...
Richard - i don't know about "chicks," but i'm sure Crystal isn't chopped liver
Warrior Poet - Rats!
Crystal - Chicks?
Duke - logged on. --- (Sat Oct 31 7:53pm)
Clepsydra - Hello, Duke, welcome to the Coffee Lounge.
Duke - Halloween to you all
Warrior Poet - What up, Duke?
Crystal - Thank you, Richard. Hey, Duke.
Richard - and hollow ween to you Duke
Duke - not too much WP, just out wandering
The Great Pumpkin - logged on. --- (Sat Oct 31 7:54pm)
Clepsydra - Hello, The Great Pumpkin, welcome to the Coffee Lounge.
Duke - a man in search of muscle and such
Richard - now, if Charlie Brown shows up, i'm leaving
Crystal - Uh-oh...
Warrior Poet - I'm bored.
-jabber - And if Crystal chose to chop some guy's liver, I'll bet it would turn Scooby on, right Scooby? :-)
The Great Pumpkin - Candy, little girl?
Richard - GP, the beard might have thrown u off, but i'm a guy
I'm Naked - logged on. --- (Sat Oct 31 7:57pm)
Clepsydra - Hello, I'm Naked, welcome to the Coffee Lounge.
I'm Naked - Hello. Did I mention that I'm naked?
Warrior Poet - Hi, IN
Crystal - Jesus, Rob....
Richard - no, IN, are u?
Warrior Poet - What about him, Crystal?
I'm Naked - Don't mind me. I'm naked.
The Great Pumpkin - Yes, chopped liver would turn Scooby on. MWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!
Duke - naked is ok, but are you M or F
-jabber - This shit is getting weird, Rob why are you logged on as "I'm Naked" AND "Warrior Poet" at the same time???
Clepsydra - Don't waste your time always searching for those wasted years 7:59pm
I'm Naked - I dunno. I'm naked.
Warrior Poet - Your quick, Jabs!
Crystal - What makes you think it was a "him"
-jabber -

I wish Debbie Minsky were naked

Clepsydra - Ting-ting, Ting-ting, Ting-ting, Ting-ting; eight bells on the Dog Watch 8:00pm
I'm Naked - Apparently my nakedness is making you all uncomfortable. I'll just wander off to the naked chatroom
Clepsydra - Cheerio, I'm Naked, come back soon.
I'm Naked - logged off. --- (Sat Oct 31 8:00pm)
Richard - maybe she is jabber. just not with u
Warrior Poet - His beard, Crystal.
Crystal - *Whew* I thought he'd never leave.
Warrior Poet - Aha! And what makes you think your bank manager is a man?!
-jabber - Here's a thought (go ahead, prove me wrong, but you 'may' quote me): Everyone's naked underneath their clothes.
Clepsydra - A transistor protected by a fast-acting fuse will protect the fuse by blowing first.
Richard - i know my bank manager Rob
Debbie Minsky - I'm naked.
Warrior Poet - Sorry, but for a dumb guy I have an active mind. If I fail to keep it occupied it has a tendency get wierd
-jabber - I like your tan, Ms. Minsky, it's turning me on...
Debbie Minsky - Wanna see my butt cheeks?
Richard - have to shave them first
Debbie Minsky - I've decided to stop bodybuilding.
Warrior Poet - Debbie, will you kill Scooby? He'd really appreciate it.
-jabber - Just promise not to headbutt me quite as fierce as those skinny girls did earlier - my head still hurts (but the blood has at least dried).
Debbie Minsky - I'm going to slim down and take off the muscle.
Crystal - Wow. Debbie Does Diana's!
Debbie Minsky - A petite 110 lbs would be nice.
Richard - hey jab, isn't it amazing how you just think of Debbie Minsky naked and sure enough she shows up and she's naked
Debbie Minsky - Then, I'm going to grab a butter knife...
-jabber - Now that's a good Halloween Horror Story, Debbie. Debbie does Slimfast? :-)
Warrior Poet - *yawn*
Debbie Minsky - And smear margarine all over Scooby until he is dead.
-jabber - Yeah, don't you wish real life was just like the chatroom?
Warrior Poet - Kill him with a shoe horn!
Clepsydra - Cheerio, Duke, come back soon.
Duke - logged off. --- (Sat Oct 31 8:05pm)
Richard - or his cholesterol is through the roof
Warrior Poet - No. My life is better than this
Richard - sort of a like the old Twilight Zones, jab
Clepsydra - Q: How many cops does it take to screw in a light bulb? A: None. It turned itself in. A: Just one, but he is never around when you need him.
-jabber - Scooby's a lucky guy, having Debbie Minsky over their posting from his sign-on and all (oops..)
Crystal - In what parallel universe?
* -jabber dreams of getting parallel with Crystal :-)
Warrior Poet - Eeeewwww!
Richard - and i was thinking perpendicular
Warrior Poet - Methinks he doth protest too much.
Debbie Minsky - Ooops, here comes the wife!
-jabber - So Debbie Minsky's one of them, too? Shit!
Crystal - Later, Scoob!
Jaxx - logged on. --- (Sat Oct 31 8:09pm)
Clepsydra - Hello, Jaxx, welcome to the Coffee Lounge.
Urizen - Hello, jaxx
Jaxx - hello all u beatiful people
Jaxx - what is the subject of talk??
Crystal - Hey, J.
Richard - greetings jaxx and urizen
Urizen - Sexual deviancy
Richard - i haven't heard any deviance yet
Crystal - BRB
Jaxx - same ol same ol talk huh :-)
-jabber - Urizen=WP
Richard - no, don't think it's that interesting jaxx
Clepsydra - Cheerio, Urizen, come back soon.
Urizen - logged off. --- (Sat Oct 31 8:12pm)
Jaxx - who is that preteinding to be Debbie Minsky??
-jabber -
-jabber - Scooby pretended to be Debbie Minsky, WP pretended to be Urizen and "I'm naked" before that...
* -jabber still thinking about the parallel and perpendicular trains of thought...
Richard - we just need a hypotenuse
-jabber - Don't say neuse, Richard, it'll get Scooby excited...
Jaxx - Did anyone see the new Flex mag. yet??
Richard - well, the TRICK OR TREATERS are starting to arrive, so, i'll be in and out
Richard - no Jaxx. what's interesting?
-jabber - Yeah, Jaxx, it's still sitting at the newsstand, too many mbb's in it for my tastes (-jabber say 1 is too many mbb's for his tastes).
-jabbe - Nickname change, -jabber is now known as -jabbe
Jaxx - something that caught my eye is that the Ms. O prize money was only $50,000 this year
-jabb - Nickname change, -jabbe is now known as -jabb
-jab - Nickname change, -jabb is now known as -jab
Richard - what has it been, Jaxx?
-ja - Nickname change, -jab is now known as -ja
-j - Nickname change, -ja is now known as -j
Richard - i think the jab is starting to fade
- - Nickname change, -j is now known as -
Richard - he's melting
Clepsydra - Cheerio, -, come back soon.
- - logged off. --- (Sat Oct 31 8:19pm)
Richard - poof. he's gone just like that. amazing
Jaxx - this month's flex was really bad from a fbb point of view
Richard - i live in a small town with only one newsstand, and they don't carry too many of the fbb mags
Richard - in fact, none of them
Jaxx - how many fbb mags are left?? 2?? 3??
TomNine - logged on. --- (Sat Oct 31 8:23pm)
Clepsydra - Hello, TomNine, welcome to the Coffee Lounge.
Clepsydra - Clepsy jumps at T9, and puts him in an unbreakable body scissors
Dave987 - logged on. --- (Sat Oct 31 8:23pm)
Clepsydra - Hello, Dave987, welcome to the Coffee Lounge.
Richard - don't even know. there is the new one out. think it's Melissa Coates', but could be wrong on who. there's WPW and another, but can't think of the name
Crystal - Back.
Dave987 - hi, howdy all!!
Richard - how many fbb mags are out there Crystal?
Richard - greetings Dave
TomNine - Is there another fbb mag besides WPW? An that is almost impossible to find on newstands.
Crystal - Where, Rich?
Richard - in the world, Crystal
Jaxx - there is WPW, the new one with Denise M., Mass Muscle, and that may be it
Richard - there was Female Bodybuilding, i think was the title
Dave987 - Tom Nine are you in the U.K.?
Jaxx - that one is gone
Crystal - I think about 3?
TomNine - I wouldn't count Mass Muscle magazine at all, unless the quality ha improved since the one I got years ago.
Richard - i think we're always going to be on the fringe. would we be happy if fbb became mainstream. LOL. U BET UR SWEET ASS WE WOULD
Bob - logged on. --- (Sat Oct 31 8:26pm)
Clepsydra - Hello, Bob, welcome to the Coffee Lounge.
Bob - Hi thanks
TomNine - Dave, I'm in the USA.
Crystal - Not THE Bob?
paul - logged on. --- (Sat Oct 31 8:27pm)
Clepsydra - Hello, paul, welcome to the Coffee Lounge.
Richard - Mass Muscle had some pretty decent pics. the quality was lacking. haven't seen one in a long time though
Clepsydra - There's a time to live and a time to die 8:27pm
Dave987 - TomNine There used to be a magazine available other than just WPW which I think was either called Female bodybiulder or Female Bodybuilding I haven't seen it recently but I seem to remember it being around before WPW hit the shelves!
Crystal - What th....
Jaxx - but then what??? I would like it if there were MORE fbb but I could care less how the rest of the world sees it
paul - hello everybody
Richard - hi Paul and Bob.
TomNine - Female Bodybuilder went out of business a few years ago. The same publishe put out Star Log and lots of sci-fi mags.
Bob - Hi Richard how are ya doing
Dave987 - Hi there Paul
TomNine - Hello Bob and Paul.
Richard - the reality is the real upper crust of fbb will always be just a few, just like the upper crust of any other sport
Clepsydra - Ting; one bell on the First Watch 8:30pm
Jaxx - yeah and it was going downhill anyway. it was leaning too much towards fitness
Bob - Hello TomNine
Richard - ok Bob.
Richard - ur right on that one Jaxx
TomNine - The elite FBBs will never appeal beyond a small niche of admirers.
Richard - like that ESPN show went from muscle to fitness
TomNine - The internet is much more efficient at appealing to niches than traditional media.
Crystal - I don't know, Tom.... Usually you are right....
Bob - I think people are getting used to fbb's as the years go by and more women get into it
Richard - and Tom, that's probably why there will never be an abundance of products. not enough volume to make it pay
paul - how come we don.t see more fbbs in tv and movies ?
TomNine - I love the fitnes girls too, but I do resent the way they seem to hav knocked FBBs off TV and out of the mags.
Jaxx - even the casual one will only appeal to a small few. I think that if a woman has a muscle to flex and does it for all to see, most of us will freak out and run for the hills
Jaxx - and that goes for fitnss types too
Dave987 - When I visited the U.S.A. for the first time in the mid 80s I distictly remember there being available a whole load of decent FBB dedicated mags available such as "Lady Athlete" and other choice mags, I'm not sure if theyre still around though
Clepsydra - Tempus fugit 8:32pm
Tex - logged on. --- (Sat Oct 31 8:32pm)
Clepsydra - Hello, Tex, welcome to the Coffee Lounge.
Clepsydra - Make room, make room, it's the Big Man from Texas.
Richard - i love women Tom, all kinds, but i love the women with muscle best
* Tex wonders is Debbie Minsky is still here...
Crystal - Tom seems to be a believer. Hey, Tex!
Richard - Dave, i think for the most part, they've disappeared
Dave987 - Hi there Tex!!
Tex - BTW, Hola todos mi amigos!
TomNine - Andrulla is shooting a movie soon, I hope everyone who wants to support FBBs in media will support the project by buying Magneeta when it comes out.
Richard - hey Tex.
Crystal - Hola!
TomNine - Tex!
Warrior Poet - logged on. --- (Sat Oct 31 8:34pm)
Clepsydra - Hello, Warrior Poet, welcome to the Coffee Lounge.
Clepsydra - Hi, WP, come on in.
Richard - brb
Warrior Poet - Hello.
Dave987 - What's the film about TN?
Tex - Tex hopes he'll be able to find Magneeta...
paul - when is this movie Magneeta due out and where ?
Tex - Yo, WP!
Tex - BOO!
FistMan - logged on. --- (Sat Oct 31 8:35pm)
Clepsydra - Hello, FistMan, welcome to the Coffee Lounge.
Clepsydra - It's the man with the video camera!
FistMan - hello room
Warrior Poet - I took off to try my hand at trick-or treating, but I was unsuccessful
Warrior Poet - Hey, Fist
* Crystal wonders what TEX has been about these days....
Jaxx - Hey Tex, did u take that pic of Laurn Hart that is in your picture gallery??
Crystal - Hey, Fist!
TomNine -
* Tex is always about FEMUSCLE!
Tex - NO, Jaxx...
FistMan - hi crystal, everybody else
TomNine - Fist!
Tex - BOO!
FistMan - doesn't exactly look like one that is gonna be widely released
Warrior Poet - Five minutes to go to the most important party of my life and hlaf the house has been wrecked by a gigantic sandwhich!
Clepsydra - Time for a change 8:37pm
Crystal - Tex be about bidness....
Clepsydra - Cheerio, paul, come back soon.
paul - logged off. --- (Sat Oct 31 8:37pm)
Tex - Bidness?
TomNine - That link will reveal all I know about Magneeta. You will be able to order it directly, but I wouldn't expect to see it at Blockbuster.
Tex - WP, why is this such an important party?
Dave987 - Cheers TN just checked the link out !!
FistMan - sounds like it's better than nothing...but not much better
Crystal - Pithy, trenchant, and germaine. Sounds like a law firm, no?
TomNine - logged on. --- (Sat Oct 31 8:39pm)
Clepsydra - Hello, TomNine, welcome to the Coffee Lounge.
Clepsydra - Clepsy jumps at T9, and puts him in an unbreakable body scissors
Warrior Poet - That was a quote from the British comedy, The Young Ones
Clepsydra - Government spending? I don't know what it's all about. I don't know any more about this thing than an economist does, and, God knows, he doesn't know much. -- Will Rogers
-ghostofjabberspast - logged on. --- (Sat Oct 31 8:39pm)
Clepsydra - Hello, -ghostofjabberspast, welcome to the Coffee Lounge.
Clepsydra - Whooo, whooo, it's the Ghost come to haunt us again
Clepsydra - Twas brillig and the slithy toves - hi, Wocky
Crystal - Mike?
TomNine - Sorry, wrong number. Who logged in as Debbie Minsky, anyways? Jabber?
-ghostofjabberspast - Mike who?
Warrior Poet - I prefer diet beverages...does that mean I'm gay?
-ghostofjabberspast - Scooby logged on as DM - Boo, Tom! You're just an aspartame junkie, WP.
Crystal - You can't do that, -jabber!
-jabberghost - Nickname change, -ghostofjabberspast is now known as -jabberghost
Warrior Poet - But I also like to tie my sweater around my shoulders...
FistMan - a law firm sounds more like heretofore and therein
TomNine - "Magneeta" is just an experiment. If it works out there may be similar projects to follow. Has to be better than the Nemesis movies.
-jabberghost - And Scooby would get excited if that sweater was tied around his neck!
-jabberghost - Fistman, you live in NC? What part? I lived there for 6 years...
FistMan - I'd like to teach the world to sing in perfect harmony.
FistMan - I go to school in durham
Richard - Tom, he's looking for a vehicle to test out special effects, i'm sure
Warrior Poet -

Kick Ass!

Crystal - I, actually, saw the dread Nemesis...
TomNine - If I was half the man I was 15 years ago I'd take a flame thrower to this room!
Warrior Poet - I saw Nemesis 2. It was OK
Richard - what'd u think of it Crystal?
FistMan - I'd like to buy the world a coke and keep it company.
Crystal - Not bad. Oh, you mean they had actors?
TomNine - Richard, James Cook does special effects for a living, but he also loves female muscle.
Warrior Poet - Here's a Halloween tip I learned by trial and error. Do not masquerade as a flasher. You will get no treats
Richard - i think part of it is, fbb's need to take acting lessons. Raye Hollitt was decent in Skin Deep
* -jabberghost wonders why Tex is being so uncharacteristically quiet...
FistMan - where did you live, jabber?
Warrior Poet - If you really want BAD actuing, see ant Ray Martin video
FistMan - oh...nevermind
FistMan - It's the real thing.
Richard - I understand that Tom, but maybe he's experimenting with something to use in bigger budget films
Crystal - Tex be about bidness...
Jaxx - maybe he is not here
-jabberghost - Dallas, Fistman - why you know so much about Tex, Crystal?
FistMan - bad acting and bad writing and bad quality...but they only take one shot and if they made it any better they'd cost over a hundred bucks a pop
Warrior Poet - Maybe he's naked
Crystal - Tex and I are friends.....
FistMan - I don't know much about tex or crystal and neither does dallas
TomNine - Magneeta is clearly the starting point for bigger FBB projects. That's why we should support it.
Warrior Poet - They are part of the chatroom click
-jabberghost - Quit spreading rumors, Fistman, I didn't charge you "$100" - ha! Oh, and we're not, Crystal? :-(
FistMan - i like richard's theory
Crystal - I agree, T9.
Dave987 - I myself am a Tina Lockwood fan, as much as I like the fitness competitors, I find the likes of Tina Lockwood a hard act to follow in every which way!!
-jabberghost -


Richard - u'd think if they put a little bit of effort into the stories and the acting and film quality, we'd see better product. but i think they just want to churn them out
FistMan - what is the chatroom click?
Crystal - Whatever do you mean, jab?
TomNine - This isn't a very cliquey chatroom, newcomers are usually treated kindly.
Warrior Poet - There is an inner circle in the chatroom, Fist. Some are in it, some are not
Richard - Dave, welcome to the club. i like them big and thick, but Tina's not that way anymore. we have to find new heroes
FistMan - who's in, who's out?, wp
FistMan - i thought everybody was treated equally except you
-jabberghost - It's kind of like the Ballroom Blitz, FistMan. What's your question, Crystal? And am I in that inner circle, WP?
TomNine - I'm hoping Magneta will be done with some skill.
Richard - if i'm a member, i don't want to belong
Warrior Poet - Nice attitude, Fist
FistMan - I hope it's not another ms. loo or kageena
Dave987 - Richard do you mean to say that Tina has lost bulk then?
FistMan - I hearby renounce my membership to the INNER CIRCLE OF THE CHATROOM
-jabberghost - How much you want to sell that membership for, Richard. :-)
Richard - sounds like it's going to be less than 60 minutes, Tom
Clepsydra - A stitch in time saves nine 8:51pm
FistMan - On the top of your mind.
Jaxx - even if it is done with great skill it won't mean anything out side of people who know who is in it
TomNine - Lets find these inner circle snobs and beat the crap out of them!
Warrior Poet - I can't tell who's in, but I know who's not...and I am just polite enough not to say
Richard - yeah, Dave. heard she lost it all. maybe some of the people here have seen her since she lost it
FistMan - What you're hoping to find.
David - logged on. --- (Sat Oct 31 8:52pm)
Clepsydra - Hello, David, welcome to the Coffee Lounge.
FistMan - It's the real thing...da...da...da...da
Richard - it's urs jabber
David - Greeting and salutations
TomNine - David, hello dude!
FistMan - hi david...nice to see you again
Richard - is Dave987 = David
TexasB.Biceps - logged on. --- (Sat Oct 31 8:53pm)
Clepsydra - Hello, TexasB.Biceps, welcome to the Coffee Lounge.
Clepsydra - Make room, make room, it's the Big Man from Texas.
Dave987 - That's a shame to haer Richard, still, as some form of solace there's always the likes of Kern and Komlos to consider I guess!!
Crystal - Greetings, David.
David - Nice see you guys here. Nope a different David.
TomNine - Dave, still plenty of lovely big girls out there. Andrulla, Amelia Hernandex, and Christine Envall come to mind.
-jabberghost - So what's this thing that Tex and Crystal have going on here? :-)
-jabberghost - So what's this thing that Tex and Crystal have going on here? :-)
Richard - didn't want to confuse u two.
Dave987 - No Richard I'm afraid I'm not David, however during certain moments of extreme Schizophrenia I am also Known as Vogon Jeltz
Warrior Poet - What up, Dave987?
Warrior Poet - Click
TexasB.Biceps - -jab, what thang you talkin' bout?
* -jabberghost is getting spooked and here's an echo...
TomNine - Ah, not THE David, and not even the same as Dave987. Could be trouble!
Warrior Poet - VOGS!
Richard - Maria Calo is one of my new favorites
Dave987 - Hiya WP!!
FistMan - This place is getting awfully crowded.
* TexasB.Biceps is sure hopin' there's a thang wit Crystal!
Warrior Poet - How ya doing, Newbie Warrior?
David - I know who Iam and Dave knows who he is what's the problem?
-jabberghost - Maria was great, Richard, met her at WSE '98. David, you're the David I met in Hackensack, correct?
Crystal - Why, hailfare, this ain't no BorBQ...
FistMan - And the stench of body odor is overpowering, jabber!
TexasB.Biceps - We need more colors!
Dave987 - Oh dear I can feel a slight personality change coming on........
Clepsydra - Q: How many blondes does it take to change a lightbulb ? A: Duh.... whats a lightbulb??? A: It depends how many blondes there are, but some people prefer it with the lights off.
Clepsydra - Cheerio, Dave987, come back soon.
Dave987 - logged off. --- (Sat Oct 31 8:56pm)
* TexasB.Biceps loves Crystal's accent...LOL
Crystal - Everyone change!
David - That's me.
FistMan - I'm gonna say it...Maria looked like a man and it had nothing to do with her muscles.
Warrior Poet - Cya, Vogs!
MartinLutherMuscle - Nickname change, TexasB.Biceps is now known as MartinLutherMuscle
FistMan - she had a square jaw
VogonJeltz - logged on. --- (Sat Oct 31 8:57pm)
Clepsydra - Hello, VogonJeltz, welcome to the Coffee Lounge.
Richard -
Crystal - Colour changed
VogonJeltz - I'm back as my Pan-Galactic self!!
-jabberghost - Fist, just like we didn't hang out as much as we could've (no reason - lots of folks there), I DID hang around with Maria a bit. She was quite sweet and her actions and sweet personality? Unmistakably female...
David - Yeah sorry to say she's just a bit...
* MartinLutherMuscle wonders which galaxies VJ is pannin'...
Richard - hey, FM, that's what's so great about this site. we all have opinions and we all can agree to disagree
-jabberghost - Will all the folks with loud colors please shut up? Ha!
* MartinLutherMuscle never agrees to disagree!
Crystal - Crystal's pannin' the same, it seems...
Richard - i don't agree MLM
Clepsydra - Ting-ting; two bells on the First Watch 9:00pm
Crystal - Colour changed
David - Then again she was easy on the eyes on Sunday. It's not just crowded it's getting existential.
VogonJeltz - Well MLM last time I was extra terrestrial it was in the Vicinity of Beetlegeuse!!
Clepsydra - I sat on a rug, biding my time, drinking her wine. 9:00pm
MartinLutherMuscle - Crystal, you look awesome in white!
MartinLutherMuscle - Gotcha, VJ!
TomNine - I also like Maria. She's no classic beauty, but so what?
Crystal - In a metaphysical sort o' way...
* -jabberghost finds Tex a bigger flirt than -jabber?
FistMan - I'm too superficial i guess
Darius the Veteran - I'm prettier than Maria, but I still find her attractive
MartinLutherMuscle - No one is a bigger flirt than the #1 Texan!
-jabberghost - Fistman, I'm not shallow, I'm just deeply superficial... :-)
* Crystal kinda likes TEX.
TomNine - I'm outta here again, might return later tonight. Bye!
VogonJeltz - 'scuse my ignorance (or is it chat room naivety) what or who is "lol" MLM ?
Tex - Nickname change, MartinLutherMuscle is now known as Tex
-jabberghost - Darius=WP
David - G'night Tom.
Tex - Adios, TomasNueve!
VogonJeltz - Cya T9!!
FistMan - bye tommy boy
Darius the Veteran - Bye, Tom
-jabberghost - MLM - multi-level marketing, LOL - laughing out loud
Crystal - Sweet Dreams for a bit, Tom.
Richard - cya Tom
-jabberghost - Crystal, Debbie Minsky's tan was much more attractive than your ghostly white skin - get some sun...
* FistMan likes candy
Tex - MLM=Metaphysical Leering Muscle
Crystal - Must Leave Men alone....
* Tex likes Crystal's virginal purity....
Darius the Veteran - Do you kids want to be alone?
Crystal - Of course, I'm joshing....
-jabberghost - Ah, Crystal, but you've not met me - you wouldn't say that if you have. :-)
Tex - which kids Darius?
Clepsydra - Cheerio, TomNine, come back soon.
TomNine - logged off. --- (Sat Oct 31 9:05pm)
Clepsydra - Off to do a few repairs to the Tenement
Darius the Veteran - But you are not in the click, jabs
Crystal - Depends....
Darius the Veteran - Yourself and Crystal...aren't you going to make sweet love down by the fire?
Tex - If Crystal met -jabber, she would never look at Tex
Richard - i gave my membership to jab, but then i'm probably not a member either
Richard - no Crystal, underwear, boxers to be exact
Crystal - I think Tex is SWEET.
Darius the Veteran - I don't think you are/were, Rich. Sorry. But I never was, either
-jabberghost - What you be talkin' about, WP? - gee, thanks for the compliment, Tex - I've got a ton of ex-gf's who hate my guts, perhaps one will like you? :-)
Darius the Veteran - Yes, you are Tex
FistMan - darius the veteran sounds too much like diana the valkyrie
Darius the Veteran - I am sure she wouldn't appreciate that comparison. I am too dumb to be confused with her
Tex - /tex sees -jabber didn't pick up on his sarcasm....
Crystal - ;-)
Richard - sounds more like WP
ShyBlushin'Tex - Nickname change, Tex is now known as ShyBlushin'Tex
FistMan - we need a list of cliquees and cliqueouts, dtv...lay your cards down on the table
FistMan - you probably beat her on the sat's
-jabberghost - no but I picked up on your typo loud and clear!
Power Slave - In the click: HardbodyPaul, TomNine, Crytsal, Tex, and sub...there may be one or two, "gray-area" members
CliqueTex - Nickname change, ShyBlushin'Tex is now known as CliqueTex
Crystal - Sooooooo.... what th... HBP is here?
Power Slave - Being in the click has it's advantages
-jabberghost - Anybody want to hear a scary Halloween story? I heard that Tina Lockwood, Michele Ralabate, and Sharon Bruneau all lost their muscle. From a guy called the "Grim Muscle Snatcher", or so the legend goes...
Richard - Gosh, can i touch the clique. so close, yet so far away
CliqueTex - -jab is not in the clique, WP? All FBBs love him, so he MUST be in the clique!
FistMan - you mean i'm not in the clique?
FistMan - sheila not in the clique?
VogonJeltz - Yes JG it's true and sharon Brunean has lost it in a BIIIGGGGG way!!
CliqueTex - I nominate richard and WP for clique-membership....
FistMan - scooby not in?
Richard - the advantages of being in the clique. better seats in the high school cafeteria
Power Slave - No, the click is decided by the members. It's clear that some of us are not as wlecome amongst you clickers than others...clickers prefer their own
Crystal - You are. Albeit young, FM...
Power Slave - Sorry, but any group that would exclude me in the past is not good enough for me
Richard - if nominated, i will not accept. if elected, i will not serve
FistMan - thanks, crystal
-jabberghost - Sheila IS the clique... I wouldn't want to be in ANY clique that allows Scooby - LOL Who are these dicks, er members and what gave them the right to welcome some and not others...???
Crystal - NP!
Richard - i want to be a member of the Clappers. Clap On, Clap Off
David - Ah who wants to be in their silly clique any way.
* CliqueTex is wonderin' what benefits he has as a clique-member?
Crystal - You never know...
CliqueTex - Is Diana in the clique?
Power Slave - Tex's benefits: hre can enter any conversation with the clickers and not be given the cold shoulder
* FistMan earlier renounced his membership, but apparently can't get out
Power Slave - Diana is above that sort of pettiness
David - You get to know what others are taling about while the nonmembers getleft behind.
CliqueTex - who's giving you the cold shoulder, rob?
-jabberghost - For one thing, Tex, Crystal answers your every question and ignores my PM's, but -jabber busted in, clique or no clique (be damned...).
-jabberghost - And what's her name, Rob? And is her shoulder hard and muscular?
Crystal - *AHEM*
CliqueTex - Crystal, don't answer the following question...
FistMan - crystal doesn't answer my pm's either
CliqueTex - Crystal, whatta ya thank of -jabber?
Crystal - 'Kay...
Power Slave - There have been plenty of times, Tex, when I tried to join you clickers (all gathered in the corner whispereing amongst yourselves) only to be ignored
Clepsydra - There's a time and a place for everything 9:16pm
Power Slave - Nor my PM's
FistMan - of course i've never sent crystal a pm
Crystal - Give it a rest, please?
-jabberghost -

so have I broken into the clique?

CliqueTex - WP, can you say paranoia?
FistMan - jabber, i don't think so
Power Slave - Yes, I can. can you say rude?
David - Oww my eyes!
FistMan - i say we refer this to the committee
CliqueTex - Not yet, have to prove yerself...give someone the cold-shoulder!
Crystal - WHY?
-jabberghost - Why not, Fist? How many folks are talked about when not around...?
Power Slave - Maybe I'm just bitter about being ignored, especially by Crystal and sub. But that's my problem
Crystal - I ignore nobody.
-jabberghost - Who's sub? And has he done a nickname change to hero ever? LOL
FistMan - nobody talks about anybody...everybody is in the clique cause there isn't one...power slave is venting
FistMan - this is a place full of love...or full of something at least
VogonJeltz - *VJ believes that security comes from within and whilst cliques can be reasurring it is far more empowering to be an individual
VogonJeltz - *VJ believes that security comes from within and whilst cliques can be reasurring it is far more empowering to be an individual
CliqueTex - Right on, VJ!
Richard - u can say that again
FistMan - sub is 2'3" and weighs 43 lbs and likes women that he can call mommy
Crystal - I have sub's #. BTW, errrrrrrrrr... I forget.
Richard - u can say that again
CliqueTex - where's CaptainCorc?
Power Slave - So I am wrong again?
FistMan - volkswagen has it right
Crystal - Can we pipe the bos'n aboard?
Richard - how's that FM
CliqueTex - Wrong in what respect, WP?
-jabberghost - If there's a clique here, and I'm not part of it, PS,WP, or whatever you're callin' yourself, there's something wrong. :-)
Crystal - fahrvergnugen?
-jabberghost -
Richard - Crystal, i thought that was a german side dish like rice
CLIQUEMASTER - logged on. --- (Sat Oct 31 9:23pm)
Clepsydra - Hello, CLIQUEMASTER, welcome to the Coffee Lounge.
FistMan - there's another one i never understood either
Crystal - Oh, Ja, mit lentils.
CLIQUEMASTER - Yes, -jab, Crystal is very cute!
Richard - or farfel
FistMan - Captain Scoobwash - logged on. --- (Sat Oct 31 11:02am)
VogonJeltz - Or parhaps some falafel and tehina while your'e at it!!
CliqueTex - Let's ask CLIQUEMASTER who's in and who's out...
-jabberghost - Cliquemaster, you live near a dead-end street? :-)
Crystal - I am so depressed....
-jabberghost - You're looking a bit pale, Crystal...
David - Ahhh the Hawaiian Anazon. Thanks jabber.:-)
Power Slave - Knock off the PM's people. I am turning off my PMs
-jabberghost -
* CLIQUEMASTER marvels at -jabber's powers of perception!
Crystal - /colourcyan
Crystal - Damn!
* -jabberghost say, remember rule 47B, "never underestimate the -jabber"
FistMan - I welcome all private messages...bring em on.
CLIQUEMASTER - It's difficult to underestimate the -jabber!
FistMan - but keep it clean
FistMan - time
Clepsydra - Up the Beatles 9:28pm
-jabberghost - Sorry, fistman, you're not my type.
CliqueTex - clepsy is PMin' me!
FistMan - tall sexy redhead isn't your type?...muscular too
Richard - and Crystal is by virtue of the fact that she is the only female here
* FistMan brings up his skirt a bit to show jabber some leg
Crystal - C'mon, Tex.... liven this up.
David - WHy do arrows on Xena/Hercules scream. Are they in pain?
-jabberghost - Q: How many chatroom members does it take to change a light bulb? A: Impossible, it can't be changed simply by talking about it...
Clepsydra - Q: How many paranoids does it take to change a lightbulb? A: WHO WANTS TO KNOW? A: JUST EXACTLY DO YOU MEAN BY THAT? HUH? HUH?
Clepsydra - Ting-ting, Ting; three bells on the First Watch 9:30pm
Crystal - How did you know that I have auburn hair.... was it Scoob?
Richard - no jabber, no one can agree that it needs changing
Tailor - logged on. --- (Sat Oct 31 9:30pm)
Clepsydra - Hello, Tailor, welcome to the Coffee Lounge.
CLIQUEMASTER - Answer: those in the clique!
Power Slave - hi, tailor
-jabberghost - Crystal, now you can answer that question truthfully, or you can say someone other than the -jabber, your choice...
* FistMan looks crystal dead in the eye, tips his hat, and winks...all in a very suave manner
CliqueTex - Hola, Tailor!
Crystal - I have to agree.... TEXBCOOL.
Richard - welcome to our hell Tailor
ErectTex - Nickname change, CliqueTex is now known as ErectTex
Tailor - Happy Haloween all
* -jabberghost is ROFLMAO over Tex new name!
SuaveTex - Nickname change, ErectTex is now known as SuaveTex
Richard - maybe u should be TallErectSauveTex
Crystal - Swaive and denabinir?
SuaveTex - Rich, forgot to add that modifier!...LOL
Tailor - Nah Richard Ive got a hell all my own
SuaveTex - Deboner, crystal...
* FistMan extends his hand to crystal and asks her to dance
-jabber - Nickname change, -jabberghost is now known as -jabber
Crystal - Personal Hell is a character builder....
Swaive&DebonerTex - Nickname change, SuaveTex is now known as Swaive&DebonerTex
Richard - called life Tailor? how about DeBonerTex
* Crystal accepts
VogonJeltz - Okay folks, going offline for a while, catchya some other time perhaps!!
Clepsydra - I'm just ticking along 9:35pm
Clepsydra - Cheerio, VogonJeltz, come back soon.
VogonJeltz - logged off. --- (Sat Oct 31 9:35pm)
FistMan - what an elegant dress, crystal and you move so gracefully
* -jabber thinks he should be MisspellerTex
Richard - adios VJ
Crystal - Let me kick off my shoes.
* FistMan dips crystal and now the whole ballroom is rapt by their presence on the dancefloor
Richard - oh, ok. see ya guys
* -jabber watches FistMan style and profile... or try to...
* Swaive&DebonerTex marvels at -jabbers compulsivity!
* Crystal is kinda impressed.
Tailor - Bravo
* -jabber admires Crystal's feet...
Swaive&DebonerTex - But Crystal....
Richard - had a nice evening. catch u all another time
Clepsydra - Time is of the essence 9:36pm
* Swaive&DebonerTex what about me?
Storewindow Mannequin - Cya, Rich!
Richard - Crystal, have u ever had ur toes sucked?
Crystal - I sense Ward's presence.
Tailor - later
* -jabber ogles the veins in her feet and looks up toward her calves...
Swaive&DebonerTex - Adios, RN!
Tailor - Suave and debonair
* FistMan lofts crystal into the air of the night and gently catches her as they glide across the floor
Storewindow Mannequin - ALL NON-CLIQUESTERS MUST NOW LEAVE THE COFFEE LOUNGE!!!---I missed that. Let me know when I can come back. I'll be lurking
Clepsydra - Cheerio, Storewindow Mannequin, come back soon.
Storewindow Mannequin - logged off. --- (Sat Oct 31 9:38pm)
Richard - what do u expect Tailor. a college grad no less
* Crystal hopes there is enough corn starch on the floor....
David - WEll I'm off to do the dishes. See you all again.
Tailor - High school drop out here
CLIQUEMASTER - Thanks for your cooperation, WP!
* FistMan moved by the moment and the beauty of crystal takes a deep breath and bows kissing her fair hand
Clepsydra - Cheerio, David, come back soon.
David - logged off. --- (Sat Oct 31 9:39pm)
Crystal - Hey, Cap'n.
Richard - hey Tailor, so's my wife, and she's a successful writer. doesn't mean jack
* Swaive&DebonerTex taps FM on the shoulder and asks to cut in on his dance with Crystal....
FistMan - would you care for a cocktail, crystal?
Tailor - Right on
-jabber - So what exactly makes one a cliquester? TYPING IN CAPS? lol
* Crystal offers Fistman a note hidden betwixt her breasts.
* -jabber noticed tailor using his color... miff-miff...
Tailor - I got dumped on Haloween,how weak is that
FistMan - capn?
FistMan - cliquemaster is none other than tex
Tailor - 3-years and I get plowed on Haloween
CLIQUEMASTER - -jabber...Good looks, wit, and $$$$$$$$$....
Richard - FistMan, if u don't take it out with your teeth, i'm going to strike u down
Crystal - BRB. Bide a wee...
* FistMan has his female butler remove the note
-jabber - Tailor, I've probably been dumped on so many different holidays, they need to come up with more! Ha!
Richard - hey Tailor, it could have been your birthday
* -jabber finds CLIQUEMASTER kissing up to his/her omission? :-)
* Swaive&DebonerTex is waitin' for this "date" to arrive....
* FistMan can't make out crystal's unique brand of penmanship
Tailor - I m glad my fellow Valkyrie fans are here for support
Swaive&DebonerTex - this=his
-jabber - Ah, so THAT's where Crystal went...
Richard - hey Tailor, ur life is over. don't know what else to tell you
FistMan - sorry to hear it, tailor
Swaive&DebonerTex - There are lots of FEMUSCLE fish in the sea, Tailor!
Tailor - I dont think sooo
FistMan - i wish wp was here to cheer you up
Richard - you want to feel bad, my last date hasn't left and it's only been 27 years now.
Swaive&DebonerTex - LOL, FistMan!
Tailor - But she was 5-8 165 off season
Swaive&DebonerTex - An FBB, Tailor?
-jabber - Easy for you to say, Richard, you're happily married. Tailor, I hear you. FM, that's funny, wp cheer him up? And Tailor my ex-gf was 5'7" 145 lbs, contest shape!
* -jabber sees Tex's ears perk up...
* -jabber sees Tex's ears perk up...
Richard - well, jabber, i'm married
Tailor - yeah Tex,
Swaive&DebonerTex - yer repeatin' yerself, jabs!
Crystal - What's wrong with short people? Back in a sec.
Swaive&DebonerTex - I feel your pain, Tailor!
Tailor - Did you write about her Jab?
* -jabber is just getting excited imagining an armwrestling match between Debra and Tailor's ex-gf...
Tex - Nickname change, Swaive&DebonerTex is now known as Tex
* -jabber is still miffed at Tailor brazenly using -jabber's color, but will talk to a fellow who also got ditched by an fbb...
Tailor - I was just feelin dark blue Jab thats all
Richard - did any of you read the post about the guy whose girlfriend came to his house and found his fbb videos and he found her mastrubating to them. that was a pretty good story
Tex - Here's -jabber's ex-gf....
Tex -
* -jabber is miffity-miff-miff that Tex is again quicker with the pic than yours truly...
Tex - I read the post, rich....a dream come true, eh?
FistMan - got any from the front?
Tex - I'll let -jabber provide full-frontal pics....
FistMan - where was that post?
Richard - what i found interesting about it was that his gf wasn't a bb. i thought even if we couldn't have a fbb, if we could find a woman who got off on fbb's like we do, that might be almost as good
* -jabber will clear the room if he submits full frontal pics of himself. Fist, that was from the Ronnie Coleman Classic.
-jabber - Agreed, Richard.
Richard - FM, i think it was in Biceps. Video Lust was the subject, I think
Crystal - Back.
FistMan - cool
-jabber - Fist, when we broke up, stupidly, in a huff, I gave ALL pics and negatives I'd taken of Debra back to her. Very tragic as some of the pics would blow your socks off...
Tailor - Tex did you used to post at the AU
Tex - wb, Crystal...
Richard - Crystal, do u get off on fbb's? or do u just like guys who like fbb's?
* -jabber wonders what Crystal's back looks like and if she needs a back rub...
Tex - AU?
Crystal - Tragic.... doubtful.
FistMan - your drink has gotten watery...the ice has melted
Tailor - Aroura
* Tex reserves Crystal's next dance...
-jabber - Crystal, Tragic Kingdom, first album by No Doubt? Is that what you're talking about?
Crystal - I've never hidden my bisexuality (check it out) I'm kinda gravitating to guys.
Richard - never heard u speak enough to know that.
Richard - and check what out?
* Crystal would be honored, Tex.
-jabber - Perhaps the best thing about when I was with Debra, was the fact that I was able to share everything amazonian with her that I partook in - high standards for -jabber's next ex-gf to uphold and live up to?
Richard - jabber, u better break up with your next ex-gf before u meet her. save the heartache
Tailor - Hats off to ya Jab
FistMan -
Tailor - Jab of all the women youll ever meet
-jabber - I already did that with Tazzie this past weekend, she never knew we dated because I broke up before it ever happened - lol
Richard - FM, that's a nice looking lady
Clepsydra - Ting-ting, Ting-ting; four bells on the First Watch 10:00pm
Tailor - Shes just another one(no offense Crystal)
FistMan -
Clepsydra - The idea is to die young as late as possible. -- Ashley Montague
Crystal - Can you do a fast two-step, Tex?
FistMan - meryl ertunc...with a laughable wig on
Tailor - Could anyone tell Im bitter
FistMan -
Clepsydra - Conway's Law: In any organization there will always be one person who knows what is going on. This person must be fired.
Crystal - Correct you are, Fist.
-jabber - Not nearly as bitter as I've been, Tailor! Trust me...
-jabber - Good pic of Laura Carolan, fist...
Crystal - Who B bitter? We're all friends here.
Richard -
FistMan - very good, jabber
-jabber - And that Gina? She'd whip Lisa and JK's BUTTS in armwrestling...
FistMan - gina goldman...i'm in love with her
Tailor - I got dumped crystal
Richard - how do u think she's do against "my" Maria?
Crystal - Tailor... Hoo B U?
-jabber - My are we getting possessive, Richard? Wouldn't your wife get jealous? Spent time with Maria ever? I did...
Clepsydra - Time is a great healer 10:05pm
Tailor - Thats a big girl Rich
Richard - i know she's really urs jabber. i didn't think u'd mind
-jabber - Actually, she's not mine, either... I broke up with her the day before I met her - ROFL...
Richard - that's the amazing part, jabber, i wouldn't tell her
-jabbe - Nickname change, -jabber is now known as -jabbe
-jabb - Nickname change, -jabbe is now known as -jabb
FistMan - check out this wnbaer
FistMan -
Crystal - Right....
Richard - a wise idea jabber. she's just break your heart too
-jab - Nickname change, -jabb is now known as -jab
Tailor - Anyone have any Annie Klepacki
-ja - Nickname change, -jab is now known as -ja
Crystal - Adios, J!
-j - Nickname change, -ja is now known as -j
FistMan - met her at the wse
Richard - FM, that's a big lady too
* -j say "Annie, shush, I told you keep quiet and 'Tailor' won't know I have you here!"
FistMan - she was enormous...high body fat percentage
Tailor - Annie?
- - Nickname change, -j is now known as -
FistMan - weighed like 200 pounds...extremele offseason
Clepsydra - Cheerio, -, come back soon.
- - logged off. --- (Sat Oct 31 10:10pm)
Tailor - she looks great in this issue of WPW
Richard - FM, was she too overweight?
Richard - some like the off-season look
FistMan - yes
Crystal - So ... shall we have a good "talk" or not?
FistMan - i was shocked at how big she was...obviously muscular too though
FistMan - what do you want to talk about, crystal?
FistMan - picture her twice as wide and twice as heavy, tailor
FistMan - but i'm sure she could take it off in no time
Clepsydra - The time is out of joint 10:12pm
Richard - so, she was a disappointment?
Tailor - Jeez
Crystal - Your choice.
Richard - ok, Crystal, let's talk about women who attract you in the fbb world?
Tailor - How about the pics of Amy Pazzo off-season
FistMan - no...she was really nice...she was going to armwrestle me and pj for the site vidclips, but she had to go and something came up so she couldn't make it back for the night show
FistMan - I like offseason better than onseason, but i'd never seen a bodybuilder with so much bodyfat ever
FistMan - ask me anything and i shall tell you the answer even if i don't know
FistMan -
Clepsydra - Q: How many liberals does it take to screw in a light bulb? A: One liberal and twenty eight delegates representing all the social, economic, and ethnic communities. A: Two-one to do it and the other to keep the first one's knee from jerking. A: None: They can't remove the old ones since they are already part of the environment.
Richard - i don't know if they still do it FM, but mbb used to put on huge amounts of weight in the off season and then build under that
Crystal - Well, let's not. Sexuality rears its ugly head.....
Richard - gee, i never thought of sexuality as ugly
FistMan - how bout if we play a game?
Tailor - I make clothes for Lee Priest so I know thats a fact
Crystal - I don't, either!
FistMan - we can play a trivia game...crystal you pick the category!
FistMan - any category....choose
Crystal - OK. Music.
Richard - well, i'm not much of a game player. enjoy, and we'll talk again, i'm almost sure
Clepsydra - Cheerio, Richard, come back soon.
Richard - logged off. --- (Sat Oct 31 10:18pm)
Tailor - Name the Monkees
FistMan - the way we'll work it is we'll each name a song of a band until we can't name anymore
Crystal - Dave, Mike, Peter, and ol' what's is name
FistMan - c then me then t
Tailor - 3 guitar players from the Yardbirds
Crystal - Eric
FistMan - not my category
Tailor - Ritchie Blackmore Eric Clapton and Jeff Beck
Crystal - You might not know this... I LOVE RB!
Tailor - Crystal yoy pick the band and lets play Fists game
Tailor - Crystal your stock just went up he rocks
FistMan - i'm impressed
Crystal - I don't know.... Willy & the Bees?
FistMan - how bout the beatles?
Tailor - never heard of em, you win
Crystal - Nah!
Tailor - Eleanor Rigby
Tailor - Led Zeppelin
FistMan - stairway to heaven
Crystal - How 'bout people that have played @ the Fillmore?
Tailor - Goin to California
Tailor - Allman Bros
FistMan - This game isn't much fun
Crystal - Good. FME. Well done.
Clepsydra - Ting-ting, Ting-ting, Ting; five bells on the First Watch 10:30pm
FistMan - I'll gonna take off...see you guys later
Tailor - Just fair warning I am looking at 500 peices of vinyl as we speak
Crystal - Your choice, Fist....
Tailor - CSN&Y did alot at Fillmore also
FistMan - later fellas
Clepsydra - Cheerio, FistMan, come back soon.
FistMan - logged off. --- (Sat Oct 31 10:32pm)
Clepsydra - His fits, follow him onward.
Crystal - Neil was not involved.
Tailor - Touche
Tailor - Quite the audiophile eh Crystal
Tailor - Im impressed
Crystal - I'm sad. FM called me a "fella"
Tailor - Im sadder I got dumped after 3- years today so get over it
Crystal - Life's a bitch, eh.....?
Tailor - Life is cool Ill deal withit i just wanna whine for awhile
Crystal - Fine by me. Who are you?
Tailor - Jonathan is my name
Crystal - Do you know me?
Tailor - I use Tailor cuz I custom make and manufacture mens clothing
Tailor - I dont think so,should I?
Crystal - Real name, then?
Crystal - I'll show you mine...
Tailor - I dont have a pic if thats what you mean
Crystal - No. That's not it.
Tailor - real name ?
Crystal - Sure.
Newbie - logged on. --- (Sat Oct 31 10:44pm)
Clepsydra - Hello, Newbie, welcome to the Coffee Lounge.
Tailor - Jonathan Roth
Crystal - I seriously doubt that, Newbie....
Newbie - Hi.
Crystal - Hey!
Tailor - Wassup
Newbie - gIve me a sec withthis.
Newbie - clepsydra how did you know I was coming in?
Crystal - Jesus H. Christ....
Tailor - and Mary and Joseph too...
Newbie - huh?
Crystal - This is getting nowhere....
Newbie - did you guys have a good halloween?
Crystal - MAYBE.
Newbie - did I do something wrong?
Newbie - I really like this site.
Crystal - Oops. Sorry. I must leave. CYABYE!
Newbie - is anyone there?
Newbie - I'm sorry too. Bye
Newbie - tailor? clepsydra?
Clepsydra - Ting-ting, Ting-ting, Ting-ting; six bells on the First Watch 11:00pm
Newbie - hi clpesydra why so quiet?
Newbie - this is too slow i'm going back to the library
Newbie - g'night
FistMan - logged on. --- (Sat Oct 31 11:04pm)
Clepsydra - Hello, FistMan, welcome to the Coffee Lounge.
Clepsydra - It's the man with the video camera!
FistMan - hello...anybody here
Tailor - Hi Fist
TomNine - logged on. --- (Sat Oct 31 11:05pm)
Clepsydra - Hello, TomNine, welcome to the Coffee Lounge.
Clepsydra - Clepsy jumps at T9, and puts him in an unbreakable body scissors
TomNine - Hello!
-jabberghost - logged on. --- (Sat Oct 31 11:06pm)
Clepsydra - Hello, -jabberghost, welcome to the Coffee Lounge.
Clepsydra - Whooo, whooo, it's the Ghost come to haunt us again
Clepsydra - Twas brillig and the slithy toves - hi, Wocky
FistMan - wanna see some pics?
FistMan - on with the brigade
-jabberghost - Sure, Fist!
Tailor - Oh yeah
FistMan -
FistMan -
FistMan -
FistMan - just type \link and then the address except the slash goes the other way
FistMan - how bout some ratings? feedback?
-jabberghost - Fist, Deidre Pagnanelli looks exactly like my next ex-gf...
Tailor - up against the wall gets my vote
Vogonjeltz - logged on. --- (Sat Oct 31 11:11pm)
Clepsydra - Hello, Vogonjeltz, welcome to the Coffee Lounge.
Warrior Poet - logged on. --- (Sat Oct 31 11:12pm)
Clepsydra - Hello, Warrior Poet, welcome to the Coffee Lounge.
Clepsydra - Hi, WP, come on in.
FistMan - i bet
Tailor - either of you have any growth artwork?
Vogonjeltz - Hi guys, Hey FM!! you got a beautiful picture there of the Sphia Loren of Fitness, none other than Deidre Pagnaneli.... WOW.... what a woman!!!!!
Warrior Poet - Hi, Vogs!
Warrior Poet - Tommyboy!
Vogonjeltz - Hi WP!!
FistMan -
Warrior Poet - Care to go MUDding, Vogs?
FistMan - i am in love with deidre
Vogonjeltz - Yeah why not?
Warrior Poet - Hello?
-jabberghost - Fist, you going to the Nationals in Atlanta? Not far from Durham, right? 6.5 hours by car...
Clepsydra - I sat on a rug, biding my time, drinking her wine. 11:14pm
Vogonjeltz - I don't blame you FM first time I saw her my hands were shaking so much I dropped the magazine!!
Clepsydra - What's the time, Eccles? Eight o'clock. How do you know? I've got it written down on this piece of paper, Bluebottle. Cor, I wish I had a piece of paper with the time writted on. 11:15pm
Warrior Poet - Then let's meet there, Vogs.
Tailor - Wasnt it good Norwegian wood
Vogonjeltz - Ok Im off to MUD!!
Warrior Poet - I guess everyone else here is pissed.
FistMan -
Tailor - ?MUD
FistMan - I can't go to nationals
FistMan - when are they again?
-jabberghost - Nov. 21st. I'm coming from Dallas, in on Friday, Hooligan's coming from NY, what's your excuse again? :-)
Warrior Poet - chat sure is fun when you hate, isn't it?
* -jabberghost finds ahmoii18 the first pic fist posted that he didn't like...
Tailor - Yup
FistMan -
FistMan - nov cant go...need to go home for thanksgiving and that is all the time i can afford to be away for
Clepsydra - A stitch in time saves nine 11:19pm
Tailor - mmmm
FistMan - ahmo is so hot although not muscular
Tailor - Give me muscle or.....
FistMan -
Tailor - give me muscle.Oh well
Tailor - No abs
FistMan -
FistMan - more muscle is coming
Tailor - Iknew you wouldnt let me down Fist
FistMan -
Warrior Poet - KISS is on in 5 minutes
Clepsydra - Baby says she's mine, you know, she tells me all the time, you know, she said so. I'm in love with her and I feel fine. 11:28pm
Tailor - If only they had Alice Cooper with them
Clepsydra - Ting-ting, Ting-ting, Ting-ting, Ting; seven bells on the First Watch 11:30pm
FistMan -
Warrior Poet - nice chatty room tonight...7 people here, three people talking
FistMan -
-jabberghost - What you want to talk about, WP?
Tailor - Lets write a story Poet you start
FistMan -
Warrior Poet - guys chat, I'll try to join in
FistMan -
Warrior Poet - My psychic said a winfall is in my future
Garry - logged on. --- (Sat Oct 31 11:34pm)
Clepsydra - Hello, Garry, welcome to the Coffee Lounge.
Garry - Hello all.
Tailor - You dont wanna know what mine said
TomNine - logged on. --- (Sat Oct 31 11:35pm)
Clepsydra - Hello, TomNine, welcome to the Coffee Lounge.
Clepsydra - Clepsy jumps at T9, and puts him in an unbreakable body scissors
Warrior Poet - I was kidding.
Garry - So, what's going on tonite?
FistMan - So I'm at work at the pharmacy right?
FistMan - I worked there all during high school.
Tailor - Im gonna get some more booze BRB
FistMan - At night, it was real slow and whoever was working would just find ways to pass the time.
Clepsydra - Time it waits for no man my future it is revealed 11:37pm
TomNine - The links from the xoom sites only get me a xoom icon.
FistMan - Usually, we'd just chat about whatever or do homework.
FistMan - oh...i get pictures..sorry to tease
Warrior Poet - hi garry
FistMan - half boys half girls working there all high school age
Warrior Poet - WB Tom
FistMan - i worked there for about five years and a couple of things happenned during those boring nights that you all might be interested in
Tailor - Go on Fist
FistMan - there was this one girl...her name was lisa
Garry - All ears, FistMan.
FistMan - she was real bossy and actually very rude at times and she went to the vocational school in the area
Clepsydra - Time for a change 11:39pm
Tailor - Didnt she have a girlfreind named Ronnie
FistMan - i was a sophomore and i think she was a senior and we were sort of friends but not really
FistMan - i always would try to get the topic turned towards stuff i like but it is hard to be subtle if you know what i mean
FistMan - she starts telling me about what she did in gym class that day
Tailor - do tell
FistMan - BTW, this is all one hundred percent embellishment in the least
FistMan - apparently the boys were wrestling and the girls were doing something else and she asked the gym teacher if she could wrestle
FistMan - this girl had thick blondish hair and a stocky build...probably 5'5, 140
FistMan - not the prettiest girl but not awful looking
FistMan - the gym teacher didn't want to let her but she convinced him by telling him that she always wrestled with her father at home and he is a huge police officer
FistMan - she was real arrogant and told him that she could probably beat all the boys
FistMan - so they end up matching her up against the heavyweight wrestler for the school who happenned to be in the same class to shut her up
FistMan - she said that she actually held her own against the guy, but he eventually pinned her
FistMan - it took like two minutes and he had 50 pounds on her and much more training
Clepsydra - Face up...make your stand and realise your living in the golden years 11:45pm
FistMan - she claimed that she was just as strong as he was but i expect she was exagerating
FistMan - i made like i didn't believe her to try to provoke her into somehow proving it
FistMan - she really wanted me to believe her cause she was proud of her prowess
FistMan -
FistMan - this isn't her, but she kinda looks like michelle in this pic
Warrior Poet - I woulda trcked her into pinning me
FistMan - anyway, she takes off her sweatshirt and (keep in mind we are at work)
FistMan - starts to flex for me...and she was very solid...big broad shoulders
FistMan - nothing like the women on here but she was a stocky brawny high school girl if there ever was one
Warrior Poet - I woulda been pitching a tent
FistMan - she pulls up her pants and flexes her calves and quads for me a little and tells me to feel em
FistMan - i was pretty shocked and i couldn't let on that i was enjoyin it
FistMan - but it was really cool...her quads were fairly thick and hard
FistMan - i was probably 5'10, 150 at the time and she was thicker than i was
Clepsydra - When it's time to meet the maker 11:51pm
FistMan - i made off like i wasn't too impressed
Warrior Poet - I woulda begged her to hurt me
FistMan - we always had the tape measure near the register and she broke it out
JoanneFan - logged on. --- (Sat Oct 31 11:52pm)
Clepsydra - Hello, JoanneFan, welcome to the Coffee Lounge.
Clepsydra - Hi, JF. Got that camera under control yet?
JoanneFan - Hi gents!
FistMan - no measuring muscle parts like arms, but she tells me to measure her across the shoulders
FistMan - hi jf...almost done my little story time
Clepsydra - There's a time to live but isn't it strange that as soon as you are born you're dying. 11:52pm
Warrior Poet - Jim!
Garry - Hi, JF!
JoanneK - logged on. --- (Sat Oct 31 11:53pm)
Clepsydra - Hello, JoanneK, welcome to the Coffee Lounge.
Clepsydra - Joanne flexes a bicep at Tex, and puts HardBodyPaul on her shoulder
JoanneFan - Story time Fist?
Clepsydra - Time for a change 11:53pm
FistMan - i don't remember the measurement but it was at least four or five more inches than i was across the shoulders
FistMan - happy bday jf
JoanneFan - shit...
JoanneK - the big 39!
Garry - Happy Birthday!
FistMan - so i challenge her to armwrestle right on the counter
FistMan - and she is more than happy to take me up and she tells me that she always beats guys
JoanneFan - Shit, I feel like I'm 35...
FistMan - but the problem was that she had a shoulder injury and couldn't do it right handed
FistMan - and i'm lefthanded
Garry - <-- is 39 going on 12.
Warrior Poet -

Happy Birthday, Jim...this'll be the best your of your life!

FistMan - i really didn't think she would be able to beat me cause i was an athlete...played baseball, basketball, tennis
JoanneFan - Yeah, Tah, haha!
Warrior Poet - Hi, sexy Flexy
Tailor - Happy b-day
FistMan - and it was her weakarm
JoanneK - The best your, Warrior?
FistMan - we lined up on the counter and i gripped her hand...she had red nail polish on and i was so turned on
JoanneK - red nail polish? Yuck.
JoanneFan - Thanks guys :-)
Warrior Poet - Yes, isn't he marrying you this year, JK?
FistMan - and we started and i started pushing with all my might...there was no way i was gonna lose to a girl
Tailor - Whats your fav Jo
JoanneK - You said "the best your of your life," WP.
JoanneK - Clear nail polish, Tailor.
FistMan - it took her about 15 seconds to slowly but surely put me down
JoanneFan - Wel, Fist? Don't keep me in suspense, man...
Warrior Poet - I'm sorry.
Tailor - Natural
FistMan - i was humiliated
FistMan - i demanded a rematch...and she beat me again and a little quicker
JoanneK - Guess what I did tonight?
Warrior Poet - I woulda loved that.
JoanneFan - You loved it though, right?
FistMan - i had known this girl for two years and i never suspected
JoanneK - I was at a haunted house with JF, but I had lost him in there.
Clepsydra - Cheerio, Garry, come back soon.
Garry - logged off. --- (Sat Oct 31 11:59pm)
FistMan - i didn't love it at the time...but i have an erection just writing about it
Clepsydra - Tick tock tick tock 11:59pm